Balance Back…

YogaI wasn’t setting the world on fire at yoga class last night,  but I definitely feel like I am getting my balance back.

My Thursday class is a higher difficulty than my Tuesday class so I was seriously concerned heading in. I’ve been attending this class regularly for awhile and was nervous I wouldn’t be able to keep up!

I was pleased to see there were a ton of new faces in class….not too many people who would judge me if I couldn’t quite get into full lotus. I know, I know, yoga isn’t about judgment or whose better than who but come on, its inevitable to some degree.

As we began to flow I felt the resistance in my joints, the strain in my muscles and the general discomfort that comes along with trying to force your body to do something it isn’t ready to do. Instead of getting frustrated, I just backed off and allowed my body to slowly warm up. As my internal fire increased, things became easier and my shaky balance steadied.

By the end I was feeling strong and even though I didn’t hold all my warrior 3’s for as long as I should of, practice was absolutely a success!

2 down, 1 more to go….


On my way…


The weekend is almost here and I am in a particularly good mood because I got a great workout in this morning! Even though I incorporated my alarm into my dream resulting in a few more hits to the snooze button then I wanted, I still made it to the gym a few minutes before 6am.

The beginning was a little rough: ‘Why am I doing this? My body hurts!’  were the thoughts swirling in my head for several minutes but with a quick flip of the Pandora station, I got into a groove. After about an hour I wanted to do more but that thing called a job, and the shower required to show up, was calling my name!

I am going to start taking pictures once a week…not to be posted until I see actual results…as an additional motivation and encouragement. I am already feeling better after a few days which helps me know I am on my way!

We’ll see how yoga goes tonight!

Body Talks

One of the most insightful things I have learned through my nutrition program is to listen to my body. That seems pretty intuitive but I have to say I have been ignoring my body for awhile.

For years I would respond to my body’s ques with chemicals – I’m tired, inhale caffeine or I’m sore, take pain killers or I’m hungry, smoke a cigarette – super healthy, right??! Nowadays I am certainly not perfect but I take the ques my body gives me and find I function much better.

I got a cold a few days ago – yes, I know, a summer cold, HOW AWFUL! Most colds last in my system for 7-10 days because I continue with my normal routine and eating habits as if my body isn’t trying to tell me something.

I felt the chills and aches creeping up my neck in the afternoon Tuesday and knew I was getting sick!  Soooo, I canceled my evening activities, got some TLC from my wonderful boyfriend and called out of work Wednesday to sleep.

Well what do you know, I woke up this morning and felt SO much better! I can’t say I’m 100% but by allowing my body the time it needed to heal itself, I’ve cut my recoup time significantly!

The body has an amazing capacity to heal itself and tell us what it needs…all we have to do is listen!

Decisions, Decisions

ImageHappy Monday! Just like anything else, your attitude towards life and how you view it is a choice!

While being optimistic might not always be the easiest thing to do – especially when you spill your kale smoothie all over yourself and your car on the way to work (when you’re already running 45minutes late), or can’t find your favorite piece of jewelry, or you forgot your umbrella in a downpour – it will always, ALWAYS feel better to remain positive.

When you dwell on the negatives, its very easy to become pessimistic and stressed. Stress and pessimism can not only bring you and everyone else around you down, but it can also lead to a ton of health issues.

Even when it seems impossible to stay positive and optimistic, remember, its your choice! You certainly control everything in this universe but you can control your reactions to it and your attitude day to day!

Feel better – stay positive!

Whole new kind of rockin the vote

Food for thought…you’re voting every time you make a purchase. David Wolfe, one of the most amazing raw foodists around, made this very powerful statement at the end of a lecture he gave and I’m sure many times prior and since as well!

Pretty amazing to think about, right??? Ever wonder why there are so many awful for you items stocking your store shelves and this itty bitty section of a few of them for organic, whole and raw options? Perhaps you see more packaged, processed products because that’s what’s most presently purchased.

Treat every purchase you make, regarding food or anything for that matter, as a vote….a vote for local, raw, organic food. A vote for products made with love and hope for a healthier society.

If everyone made a more conscious effort to purchase organic, healthy foods, botanicals and herbs, then they’ll more prevalently appear on the shelves of stores near you. How amazing would it be for better foods to be accessible on a mass scale?!?

Rock the vote!