Warm Welcome

Unfortunately the temperatures took a dip below freezing today but I wont let that bring down today’s warm welcome! This is a little late mind you, since she has been blogging for a few weeks now, but I wanted to give a warm WordPress welcome to my friend, coworker and fellow health/fitness enthusiast Kissing Chubby Goodbye!


While she may have started her blog a mere few weeks ago, she has been chronicling her journey on facebook for several months! As a coworker, I am happy to see her dedication to healthy eating in the office environment, as a friend I am so proud of her progress and positivity and as a fellow health/fitness enthusiast I am damn impressed by what she’s accomplished thus far on her journey!

I know my influence within the blogging community isn’t as powerful as some of those I follow but I would be remiss if I didn’t give Kissing Chubby Goodbye a shout because its something everyone should read! Her story is awesome, her transformation is inspiring and she’s all and all a pretty incredible lady!!!