Beat the Heat!

Its official folks! We’re entering the 4th heat wave of the summer and its going to be HOT HOT HOT! I love the warm weather as much as the next Vitamin D junky but with temperatures in the mid 90s and humidity making it feel like 105, I’m doing everything I can to limit my time in the sun!

With temperatures this high and schedules full of running around, its very easy to experience heat exhaustion if you’re not careful! If you’re thinking “no big deal” think again! Heat exhaustion, if ignored, can easily turn into heat stroke and cause permanent damage to the brain and other major organs.

As mentioned in my last post your body gives you signs, so listen! If you’re feeling dizzy, weak, experiencing headaches, nausea, muscle cramps or excessive thirst cool it – literally! Keep vigorous exercise to a minimum, hydrate frequently and avoid tight or excessive clothing!

Enjoy the summer but be smart because nothing puts a damper on your day like a trip to the ER!


Holy Hydration!

Holy Hydration!

If you’re eating all the right foods but still feel sluggish and fatigued, you may not be drinking enough water.

How much is a person supposed to drink everyday? Simple question, right?!?! WRONG!

How much fluid your body needs is determined by your size, physical activity, climate, its different from person to person. One constant is your body uses fluid in almost all its functions. It is essential to replace the fluids being used to keep your body running efficiently.

In general, a male should consume roughly 3 liters and a female 2.2 liters daily…that’s A LOT of water! If you’re someone who likes to exercise or lives in a hotter climate, those figures are even higher!

If you’re not feeling your best, ask yourself….am I drinking enough?