Failing or Flying

Hey friends! I hope everyone is making it over the hump with a smile and a spring in their step! I definitely had a harder time getting out of bed then I’d care to admit but the sun is shining and it is going to be a wonderful day! Last night I got some unfortunate news and it certainly creates some obstacles for me but I am determined to move forward…or at least I keep telling myself that.

working towards scorpion - I've got to get that chest forward!
                                         working towards scorpion – I’ve got to get that chest forward!

How come when you’re going after your dreams it feels a lot like you’re falling flat on your face? Perhaps I’m alone in this, maybe not, but I can’t decide if I’m falling to my inevitible failure or allowing myself the freedom to fly & achieve success beyond my dreams. There is only one thing I know for certain, I am scared – really, really, freaking scared!

As someone who takes rejection, even in business, quite personally, it feels like the hardest thing in the world to put myself out there. Whats more, letting go of this idea that my annual salary is in some way a factor in the definition of my success is also a struggle for me…it doesn’t matter…but living in the most expensive city in the country can sometimes make me feel like that’s all that matters.

At any rate, I need to keep going or I’ll never find out.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


Power beyond Words

Hello Friends! I will be back next week with a recap of what I’ve been up to, the end of the Dhyana Yoga Pose-A-Day May Challenge and some progress photos but for now, I need a break.  Today, I would simple like to acknowledge the legacy of an amazing woman, Maya Angelou, who just passed. She just celebrated her 86th Birthday last month & has touched many lives for decades with her written & spoken word. maya

I always found Ms. Angelou to be an incredibly strong woman & she had a potently powerful way with words. There are so much amazing quotes I want to share but the one above, coupled with the photo, resonates with me and the way I try to live. As Ms. Angelou said, it’s how you make people feel that will endure the test of time, not necessarily what you said or what you did – live each moment like it matters!



Until next week friends…



It starts with a dream

20140130-164051.jpgNobody ever achieved anything without first dreaming it! I don’t know about any of you but I envision success beyond my wildest dreams, and believe me, I’ve got quite an imagination.

Whether it is success in business, success in relationships, success in your wellness goals, begins with a dream. You can’t achieve your ideal without first picturing it.

Dream big, dream often, and watch your success unfold!

Celebrate Success

Nothing says celebrate like a little bubbly and nothing spells office comradery like a little booze in the afternoon! To celebrate a successful event our owner decided to propose a toast to honor and thank everyone for their hard work!

Don’t get the wrong idea here, everyone had a small mimosa to cheers the triumph and celebrate the companies continued success but its the little things like this that make working for a small, family owned business all the more rewarding!

While the bubbly didn’t hurt, the acknowledgement of our collective efforts was far more rewarding!

Don’t forget to acknowledge the little victories and celebrate success!

Wiser for the wear

motivationalAs you grow in life, you’re going to have set backs, disappointments and failures – whoops, did I just burst someone out there’s bubble?!? SORRY!

When I was younger I was so scared of failing, losing or generally disappointing myself or my family. My obsession with not failing held me back from pushing myself past my comfort zone and becoming truly great at anything. ‘NO NO NO’ I would say to myself ‘that sounds awesome and I really want to try but what if I fail?’ Where I got this mentality, I don’t really know but I have definitely changed my views – maybe because I finally experienced failure – and ALOT of it at that!

If asked now, I would probably say there is no success without failure. I mean honestly, how are you going to know what works unless you find out what doesn’t?!? This life is long for most of us, and if we’re lucky there will be tons of mistakes made along the way.

For what I know now, that I didn’t know then, is the wisdom gained from failures is what drives your success!

Happy Friday!

Important Few

As individuals, we each possess special talents, aptitudes, strengths, weaknesses, insecurities, annoyances, etc…

Our uniqueness determines the people or areas of interest we dedicate our focus – for many of us, that can be in several different directions. In my own life I find I am constantly ‘spreading myself too thin,’ as the expression goes, in attempt to get everything in. There is just so much I want to do and it has to be RIGHT NOW!

The result is growing resentment towards obligations taking time away from other areas of interest, stress over meeting deadlines or fulfilling obligations and often times exhaustion from lack of sleep and self care. All of this is plain NO GOOD and the reality is it doesn’t all need to happen RIGHT NOW – life is a long time!

While its presenting as a larger challenge than initially anticipated, I have set my mind to listing 6 main areas of importance in my life. In order to achieve success in anything, there needs to be clarity and focus. When there is a storm of activity swirling around, its often times hard to achieve.

There will be time in life for things other than the ‘important few’ but they need to come first and command my focus if I am to find fulfillment, balance, success and most importantly happiness!

Find your important few, write them down and remind yourself daily!