Let’s Ride

Its a frigid Tuesday here in Philadelphia! While I would love to be hitting the streets, I think I’m keeping my cardio inside today!

I have been taking spin classes for a few years and am a huge fan of indoor cycling; however, it wasn’t until I got this beauty for Christmas that I even attempted to ride outside. ImageWhile I still love a good spin class, there is nothing like riding outside! Granted, my butt is WAYYY more sore than when I cycle indoors, its totally worth it. I have been struggling to find something that provides me the same ‘escape’ a long run used to, and it seems my search is over!

Getting back in shape should be a breeze once I can start riding regularly. I have to wait for things to warm up a bit before taking any more rides (a frost bitten face isn’t a good look) but I’ve been so excited, I couldn’t wait to share!

Until then, any recommendations for a good seat cushion or brand of saddle I should try?!?!?


Working through it

Happy Hump Day!

I didn’t post about it yesterday, mostly because I didn’t want to speak too soon, but I am back at it after a 10 day exercise hiatus. As some of you may recall, I fell pretty bad in Whole Foods at the start of the month and the pain in my knee has kept me out of the gym and off the mat.


Yesterday morning I made it to my normal 6pm spin class and even though my knee didn’t feel 100%, I pushed through. I wouldn’t say I was in pain but there were definitely high levels of discomfort.


This morning was a little under an hour of vinyasa which was met with very little discomfort. I will admit I didn’t push myself too hard but it felt great to kick the day off with a warming flow & get the body started!

Even though its in the 30s-40s the sun is shining and its a beautiful day…I’m thinking an afternoon hump day walk might be in order today!

Snooze Struggles

Its Tuesday on week two of my ‘body back’ journey and workout one for the week is complete; though I barely made it! I used to be able to roll out of bed and walk down the street (literally a block) to my Tuesday morning spin class but since I’ve moved its more like a 5-7 minute drive (or 25 minute walk).

I made it onto the bike and starting pedaling by 6:03am…not EXACTLY on time but I was there so I am counting it as a win, especially with all my snooze struggles this morning!Image

I hit the snooze button 3x this morning, totaling 24 minutes and surely angering my boyfriend who both hates every alarm tone I use and the fact I can never get out of bed…sorry Phil!

Am alone in my snooze struggles??!?! I’m going to start putting my alarm in the bathroom so I’m forced to get up to turn it off…hopefully this won’t lead to me just grabbing it, hitting snooze and climbing back into bed, hahaha, but we’ll see!

Anyway, spin felt great and I am happy to be kicking off week two well! I feel stronger with each workout and look forward to a few weeks from now when I will be back into my routine!