Hump Day Reminder

Image I have been struggling to do the things I enjoy: blogging, reading, daily workouts, experimenting in the kitchen, etc.. but I will not let that get me down!

Life throws us challenges but as long as we smile through them, we will always overcome!

This is your hump day reminder to smile through it – no matter what!


Ear to Ear

Ever notice how you feel after someone sends a smile your way? It could be a stranger simply smiling as they pass or a friend greeting you with a big grin, but the feeling it creates is usually the same – you smile right back!

Its true, smiling is contagious and can cause feelings of wide-spread joy and happiness! Believe it or not, there is scientific research to support the theory that smiling helps improve your mood, lower stress and promotes positive well-being.

Ever hear that old expression “grin and bear it?!?!” Well, it seems its not too far off. When you’re stressed or feeling frustrated, try to take a deep breath and wear a smile. Not only is smiling an expression of our happiness or pleasure but it can also help evoke those feelings.

Whether smiling to improve your own mood, or that of those around you, smile from ear to ear!

Floral Inspiration

flowersAs mentioned in the past, little acts of kindness are truly some of the most powerful things around!

While finding it hard to motivate yesterday morning, one of my co-workers popped her head around the corner with a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers. Simply seeing fresh flowers instantly brightens my mood but she then announces they’re for me! I am teaching her daughter to swim and she told her mommy she wanted to get me flowers –  SO THOUGHTFUL and ADORABLE!

It may sound silly but my week was instantly off to a better start! Working with ‘Mini’ and seeing her progress is reward enough but the flowers will keep a smile on my face all week!

Whether they’re a thank you to yourself or for someone else, pick up some floral inspiration and SMILE!

Sweet Sounds

Finding it hard to get up in the morning? Dragging through your day? Sometimes turning up the tunes can change the tone of your day!

My cell is my alarm clock and I find setting it to one of my favorite songs helps start the day with a smile. Hearing some handsome hunk sing about how beautiful I am is a far more pleasant wake up call than some aggressive beeping!

Driving to the office I try and play some cheerful, upbeat music to get excited for the day and distract me from the lines of cars. I make a point to avoid anything angry – It sure wont help to hear someone screaming about how much life sucks while sitting in traffic!

I am also fortunate enough to stream music of my choosing throughout the day so when things get stressful I can lighten the mood with some trans-formative tunes! A little Noah Jones or Corrine Bailey Rae help keep me calm when my office world is in chaos.

Try tunes to turn things around and let the musical melody make the mood!