Wellness Wednesday

Hey there guys!

I hope everyone is getting some restful nights sleep and if not, today I will be offering a few more tips to help you catch some z’s. While I can’t say my husband has been taking my advice, since he still seems to be tossing and turning every couple nights (love you babe, đŸ™‚ ), I have been employing my breathing tips to help my fall asleep faster now that my days are longer.UnknownIt is very difficult to get up at 5am when you finish work at 9pm and still need to eat & unwind; which is why falling asleep quickly to get as much sleep as possible is paramount. I haven’t exactly established a perfect routine yet, but below are 5 easy tips to help you unwind and prepare for a more restful night sleep.

The Evening Unwind

  1. Put the phone away: set your alarm, respond to whatever needs to be responded to, check the last of your social media feeds and then say goodnight to your phone. Taking yourself away from the screens can help get in the right mode for rest.
  2. Eat Light: in my opinion, its really important to refuel after teaching/working out/etc. even if its late. The main thing you have to remember is your body will need about 45 min. for your food to settle and you’ll want to keep it simple (ex. greens and lean protein)
  3. Drink Tea: consuming ginger or a decaf tea with anti-inflammatory properties such as chai can help calm things from the inside out and aid digestion.
  4. Wash Up: taking a warm shower to cleanse the body & allow for a few minutes of peace can be just what the dr. ordered before you hit the hay
  5. Lavender: Light a lavender candle or use lavender oil on the skin once you’re out of the shower. The smell & the oils can also help promote calm and prepare you to sleep


’til next time, keep smiling! đŸ™‚