Practice Makes Perfect?

Whether it was school, sports, chores, talking to boys or anything else you think of, I was always taught that practice makes perfect – words to live by. Whenever I would grumble about folding my laundry or emptying the dishwasher, my father would make some remark about just needing more practice. Whenever I couldn’t quite perform a dive right I would spend hours doing it over and over again – practice makes perfect!

Is that really true?

I tried so hard to be perfect at everything my whole life and all I ended up with was a big old feeling of inadequacy – fun! Don’t get me wrong, setting goals, striving to be better (or even the best), and dreaming big are all amazing life practices I very much encourage. I am merely suggesting that focusing on perfection in every aspect of life might get exhausting.

Perhaps striving for progress, continued and perpetual progress, might be a more worthy pursuit. I don’t pretend to know the secrets of success and happiness but I do know that I aim for self-growth at every turn!!

I am not perfect – ha, nowhere close! – but I know I am growing into the best version of myself everyday!