Thursday Thoughts

Today officially begins the one month countdown until Phil and I say ‘I Do’ and we’re both so excited! We got a lot of the little details decided over the weekend and we’re moving full steam ahead! We did manage some leisure time too – I love spending casual time with friends, enjoying the outdoors, and sharing delicious food/wine. We had such a great time at Vie playing bocce and tasting the new vintages, rooftop grilling in SOMA with friends, and enjoying the sunshine that we almost didn’t fit in our ride over the Golden Gate Bridge…but I wasn’t going to let that happen!!photoSharing some private time, just Phil and I, that didn’t revolve around work, the wedding, our finances, the future etc.. was so special!! We were able to take in the majesty of the mountains and the sweeping views of San Francisco, which was nothing short of magical…plus, feeling the wind blowing against my face and getting some great cardio didn’t hurt either!SanFran200605-201While it may seem trivial to some, time together is invaluable for us – both as individuals and as a couple. Inner peace is a difficult thing to achieve when you exist in this fast paced world of ours but often its the most important thing we need. Having time to decompress from life’s obligations, and do so with your partner, is one of the best ways I inch closer to that internal state of peace. Maybe for others it’s time alone with a good book, a stroll in the woods, sharing a meal, etc… the possibilities are endless and around every corner, you just have to find yours.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


Getting Real

So I feel like my blog is slowly turning into a weekend recap and quite frankly, thats not interesting to anyone…not even me! Today its getting a little more real…YES, this weekend we enjoyed a great dinner with friends on our roof and were blessed with a magnificent sunset BUT that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface!!photo-13

First, there are less than 90 days until Phil and I say ‘I do’ and our ToDo list is massive! We have set lists to review for the band, shot lists to approve for the photographer, floor plans to sign off on for the planner, photo montages to compile and that’s not even half of it…but this weekend is my bachelorette and this is one item on my wedding to do list I am VERY excited to check off!!! We’re going to have the most glorious time in D.C….right after I squeeze in my dress fitting and cake tasting Friday morning!

Second, i have the start of my 500 hr training in about a month and I am not even teaching yet! I KNOW I need to be easy on myself…acknowledge I am trying to tackle a lot of significant life events ALL at once and there is no reason I should be putting so much pressure on myself…but at the same time this is what life is about! I am making a plan this week to prep for training – I have to study, practice more, and bump up my meditation game!

Third, and while I haven’t touched on it lately here, Phil and I are doing our best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. BUT for the first time in a very long time, I am keeping less track of whats going in and how much I am burning….AND I feel great. I am always very aware when I have indulged too much or feel like I need a treat – I am letting my body and intuition lead the way and I’m enjoying the results!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Weekend fun & Vie Winery

Happy Hump Day Friends!

1896922_10100823851591789_2887689511873738422_nI know it’s a little late to be talking about my weekend but I hit the ground running this week and haven’t had a moment to write things down! This past weekend our adventures took us to Treasure Island, a first for both Phil and I. Just a few short minutes over the Oakland Bay Bridge, this artificial island in the San Francisco Bay feels like an oasis worlds away from the city, even though it’s less than a 10 minute drive.  We were invited by some friends to join for wine tasting and bocce – let me tell you, we had a blast! photo-16We enjoyed ourselves so much Phil and I joined the winery we visited. Vie has this quaint, tucked away tasting room and outdoor space where members and their friends can come and taste the latest releases, enjoy a picnic, play some bocce or whatever outdoor leisure activity your hearts’ desire – talk about a great way to enjoy the afternoon! As part of our membership we’ll receive 3 bottles of various Vie vintages and I am excited to let you guys know all about what we got this weekend and whats to come.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Foodie Fun

Happy Hump Day Friends!

It seems like Tuesday is our new date night because Phil and I hit the town again last night. When we first arrived in San Francisco Phil and I stayed at The Stanford in Nob Hill directly across the street The Fairmount. I had wanted to stay there and Phil had no idea so of course when he found out he felt terrible…in an attempt to ‘make up for it’ we went to dinner at Laurel Court, the restaurant in the hotel, and it was lovely! photo 1-5

We found the menu both approachable and adventurous. They offered classics like roasted brussels sprouts, truffle fries & New York strip and unique plates like warm yam puree with spiced beignets – we were delighted by our 3-3 Phil and I shared the yam puree, poured table side over spiced beignets with shaved pecorino and maple creme fraiche which was divine, probably the best thing I’ve had since we arrived in San Francisco (with the exception of my cooking). I had the day boat scallops with fennel and rock shrimp while Phil enjoy his New York Strip for entrees & we shared some roasted brussel sprouts and truffle fries along side – SOO good!!! Since we switched gears mid-lent and chose to give up cursing instead of sweets (truth be told I can sound like a bit of a sailor and THIS is much harder), we got dessert!!!!! Lemon panna cotta with macerated raspberries was refreshing and delightful – perfect way to finish the night. I have a feeling we may be coming back when family comes to town! photo 2-4

’til next time, keep smiling 🙂

Meditate and Motivate

Welcome to another wonderful week!


As everyone is well aware I am working towards settling into life here in San Francisco and finding a job, preferably one I enjoy, in our new home. Being what my mother would refer to as ‘a kept woman’ has been fun and all but its been a solid month since I got here and it’s time to get shit done. And THAT my friends is my mantra of the week, haha 😉 just kidding, but seriously, I need to kick it into gear. Thankfully I get to see our new apartment today & with any luck, it’ll be where we stay until June. This week is all about looking for work and making sure everything is set for Phil and I in terms of our housing situation.

photo 3-2I always struggle when it comes to ‘getting shit done’ for myself because I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if I put myself out there I open myself up to potential failures, and to fail would be unthinkable, right?!? If I allow my fear of failure to translate into a lack of action I’ll just be perpetuating bad habits; so in an effort to motivate myself, this week’s mantra is ‘I’ve got this!’ It’s true, and I know it, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember – I have everything I need to succeed already and there is nothing standing in the way but me – I’ve got this!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

San Francisco Eats

Holy Weekend Post!!!photo 1-4

I nearly never post on the weekend BUT we enjoyed our dinner on Tuesday SO much I had to share our meal before it gets too far from my mind. Phil and I met for an early reservation at this maybe 50 seat Italian hot spot. We picked Cotogna because Phil’s company gave us a gift certificate – we are DEFINITELY going to write a thank you card! NOW, back to the food…photo 2-3We started with chili flake foccacia bites & house made burrata with lemony asparagus. Both were amazing on their own but I of course mixed them together! Since both of us have been missing our favorite pasta spot back home, Porcini, we opted for pasta entrees. Mine was tagliolini with dungeness crab, lime & espelette and Phil of course had the garganelli lamb ragu and they were both delicious. Now, I wouldn’t say they were exactly up to Porcini standards or that we weren’t going to continue to look for a good pasta place, but we’ll most certainly be going back sometime soon!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Meditate and Motivate

Happy Monday Friends!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Phil and I really enjoyed our weekend but I think the best part was our bike ride through Golden Gate Park to the beach on Saturday. We ended up riding around 20 miles and just when I felt like I wanted to quit, the road opened up this is…photo 1-2…I mean seriously?!?!?!!?!?!? I feel like that has been my reaction A LOT to the sights surrounding my new city…every time I turn around I feel like I see another picture worthy view and I’m overcome with emotion. Each time, I’m reminded of how far I am from home, & I’m also reminded of how far I am from my own personal success. When you move your whole existence thousands of miles from where anyone knows your name you have to rebuild, re-establish, and revive; which is exactly what I am SLOWLY doing. photo 2-2

It’s in moments when I feel unsure that I turn to a simple but powerful mantra, Soham, or I am. It’s important to take quiet time to breathe deeply and say ‘SO-HAM'(Hum) – Remind myself: I AM enough, I AM strong, I AM beautiful, I AM perfect, I AM powerful, and I can do ANYTHING.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Valentine’s Weekend Fun

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Today is the first day since I’ve been in SF that the sun isn’t shining. It’s still going to creep into the 60s this afternoon & given the exceptional weather this weekend, I really should be counting my blessings! Phil had off for President’s day so we had a long weekend to explore the city, hang out with friends, and of course, celebrate Valentine’s Day!photo 2(1)The ever romantic Phil bought me those beautiful flowers, a bottle of my favorite champagne, a pair of shoes, an adorable romper & the sweetest card…he spoils me! I lined up an entire day of delicious eats and treats to indulge his inner ‘fat kid’ and shower him with love! photo 1(1)We went on a sunrise walk, enjoyed mimosas and eggs on our deck overlooking the water, lounged with an Italian charcuterie lunch, indulged in stuffed mushrooms and arancini hours devour es for cocktail hour and savored spicy cioppino for a true San Francisco dinner. Of course no meal is complete without dessert so I made sure to have choices: banana’s foster bread pudding, chocolate covered strawberries & bananas, and coconut macaroons…ya know, to keep it healthy! 😉photo 3(1)Its a good thing there are so many hills around us because I could really pack the pounds on with all this yummy food!!! I hope everyone else enjoyed their long weekend as much as we did!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

It’s Official

photo 3As I watched the colors of this morning’s sunrise dance over the bridge and listened to the seals sing their morning song it officially sunk in, San Francisco is my new home. The last 12 days have been spent flying, finishing my yoga teacher training (more on that later), and moving into a second temporary apartment in San Francisco. If I have learned anything photo 2through my transition it’s that flexibility is a necessary survival skill. Those who know me well understand how difficult it can be for me…sure I can fold up like a veritable Gumby but ask me to switch seats with you on the plane or move out of the apartment I just started to settle into and I can become a bit rigid. I am using this transition as an opportunity to shift my perspective and be flexible – it has been making a world of difference…I’m definitely not perfect but I’m working on it 😉

I owe a lot of that shift to my yoga training and the Yoga Medicine family! I was blessed with the chance to share a week with 50+ incredible yogis and experience each one of their unique gifts. I have learned so much from our time together and am excited for all of us to continue to grow. I can’t wait to start sharing my gifts with the world as a Yoga Medicine 200hr Vinyasa Teacher. photo 1

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

10 Days to go

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Even typing that title makes my stomach a little knotty…I can’t believe we’re about to move our whole lives across the country!

Phil and I kicked it into packing high gear last night! The realization that this is ‘crunch week’ to get it all packed really sunk in Sunday so we’re doing some each day to get it all done. Last night we finished packing most of the glassware & plates (keeping the few mismatched pieces we’re donating until we leave in the cabinet). We would have continued with kitchen stuff but we ran out of bubble wrap so we shifted geared to the closets. I have been charged with filling another hanging box and a box of clothing I am willing to part with for more than a month (wish me luck!).photo (2)

While I don’t think anyone likes packing, we’re loving the opportunity to purge. We’ve sold a few of our larger items & donated a ton of clothing and extra furniture. Its a good feeling to get rid of the clutter, the extras, the unnecessaries to start fresh! Phil and I can’t wait!photo (3)

I am teaching at Nourishing Storm again tonight & couldn’t be more excited! I am a little nervous since Kristin wont be there this time but I remain confident everything will be great! I finished my Yoga Medicine 200hr YTT written test this weekend and am finishing the book report and observations report this week. All of our written materials, observations and teaching recordings are due this Saturday so I have no other option but to finish!

I am so excited to be officially be a 200hr Yoga Medicine Teacher – San Francisco, look out!!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂