Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday Friends! We’re one day closer to the weekend and I am excited for a few days to decompress. As soon as I got back from Philadelphia it was right to Pasta Gina for work – 6 days, 10hrs a day, I am ready for a break…but that is not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about this…photo-8

…as I was flying home last weekend and feeling rather alone I opened my tiny window shade and noticed the sun beginning to rise in the distance. I was immediately taken back to the miraculous sunshine I shared with my Yoga Medicine family in Hawaii and felt surrounded by love. I don’t know if it was the reminder of how mother nature’s infinite beauty can surprise you, the nostalgia of my shared sunshine, or the closeness I felt to my grandmother in that moment but I began to weep. I wasn’t necessarily crying out of sadness but rather as a result of being completely overcome with emotion.

To me, there is something truly amazing about that humanness…those moments of connection…they remind me of why life is precious and make me feel grateful. Today and everyday throughout the month June I invite you to take notice of the little things around you, to allow mother nature to overwhelm you, and to connect on a deeper level with what makes your life truly precious.

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂