Happy New Year

Happy 2018 Everyone!

I am excited for another year of excitement here in San Francisco with my wonderful husband & precious fur baby! It has been nearly 21 months since I completely abandoned the blog & simply focused on teaching…but I’m back! I plan to keep things as simple as possible – just focus on my life & practice. With that in mind, here are a few goals for 2018.


New Year’s Resolutions

  • 35 minutes of daily fitness
  • daily meditation
  • explore the bay area
  • find better balance
  • stay in better touch with friends & family


My goal is to blog 1-3 times a week…depending on what I am working through in practice or life, you’ll find it here. What are some of your resolutions? Any exciting goals?


As always, keep smiling! 🙂




Resolutions, Realizations and Reality

Happy Monday, Happy New Year and Happy return to reality (well, for me anyway)!

The holiday season was filled with family fun, traveling, working from home, coaching, and lots and lots of food! I am so grateful that I had this time to spend with loved ones and really soak in the season…not to mention, it snowed!!!!!!Image

While I loved all the merriment and munchies, I definitely fell off my regular routine. As December came to a close I was hit with a big dose of reality, nothing in my closet fit! When I say nothing, I don’t mean I couldn’t fit into one or two things, I quite literally mean dress after dress, after skirt after skirt, doesn’t fit me right now.

Of course there was the moment of tears, remorse and depression as I contemplated the ‘damage’ I had done to my body and in term of self-esteem, but after some consoling from my supportive boyfriend and deep breathing, I came to realize this isn’t such a terrible fate.

As I have  mentioned, I’m all about fresh starts, recommitting to healthy habits and not allowing moments of weakness – however long or brief – keep you from achieving your ultimate goal. Instead of focusing on the indulgences I allowed myself and the workouts I skipped, I am focusing on the positive steps I can take to get back on track.

Admittedly, I am not heavy, fat, chubby, whatever…but I am not in shape either. I measure whether or not I am in shape but how I feel and how my clothing fits; which isn’t great at the moment.

So, here’s to week #1 of getting back into it!!Image


  • Diet ~ drink more water/herbal tea & eat smaller portions/less sugar.
  • Physical ~ exercise everyday/mix it up & commit to getting more sleep
  • Mental ~ organize schedule monthly/review weekly & prepare the night before
  • Spiritual ~ attend mass weekly & take 5 minutes a day for quiet gratitude/reflection
  • Social ~ balance monthly budget & spend more responsibly

Here’s to a great start to 2014….!!!!