Me time

While the weather has taken a turn back to chilly (below freezing and flurrying) I am keeping a smile on my face! The taste of spring-like temperatures this weekend will hopefully carry my through these few chilly days!

In keeping with my self-care theme from yesterday, I treated myself to a massage! Many may remember my office’s ‘hump day’ celebrations. We’ve done everything from dance parties, to black jack, to pizza and a show and even chair massages! A few weeks ago Hand and Stone Massage came to our office and did 10minute chair massages for everyone in the office as our ‘hump day’ activity.

I have always been a fan of the therapeutic and relaxation benefits of massage therapy and try to go a few times a year, so I was thrilled to have someone relieve some of the tension, even if just for a little while. After my massage they let me know about a program they offer called the “Lifestyle Program.” You pay a monthly fee for one free massage or facial a month plus membership discounts on all other space services. While I have always been a loyal patron of the same holistic day spa in historic Old City Philadelphia, Di Terma Aroma, I figured there was no harm in trying something new, especially for the price.massage

Yesterday was my first full massage with H&S and I was thoroughly impressed. I opted for the sports massage after my long ride Sunday and my therapist was extremely knowledgeable and talented. The facility was clean, calm and tranquil, and the staff was warm and friendly…I am definitely excited about my choice to join their program!

The benefits of massage therapy are endless and I recommend everyone take the time for some release!


Mountain Recap

Although a day late because I was under the weather yesterday, I wanted to share a quick recap of our mountain weekend! We went on a long walk as soon as we arrived and I kept thinking “I should take some photos! No, don’t be silly, you can take some tomorrow, just enjoy the walk!” and I totally should have listened to my initial instincts because it rained Sunday and the weather was foggy/overcast so I didn’t get the amazing images I had envisioned…sigh! But the walk was lovely and the weather Saturday was just warm enough to enjoy a fire under the slightly cloud covered stars!fire

I will have more food posts from our amazing meals but I wanted to share these tasty treats first! I have had a hankering for coconut lately so I decided to try my hand at coconut macaroons! These bite size bombs are addictive and indulgent, so beware! macaroonCoconut Macaroons: Bake @ 350 for 25 minutes

  • 14oz coconut flakes
  • 120z condensed milk
  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tsp vanilla
  • 4oz chocolate

I will admit I am not 100% pleased with them but that didn’t stop me from eating SeVeRaL throughout the weekend! Combine the first two ingredients in a bowl with the vanilla extract and mix until will blended. Beat egg whites separately until it forms stiff peaks and then fold into coconut mixture. Spoon onto baking sheet and bake until golden brown. Set in the fridge to cool, melt the chocolate, dip the cooled macaroons into the melted chocolate and return to the fridge to set.

These suckers took no time at all to whip up and they disappeared just as fast!



Making time

While moving my life from one neighborhood of the city to another less than a mile away doesn’t seem like it should be an incredible undertaking, believe me, it is! With the help of my boyfriend and various family members we’ve been at it since 10:30am yesterday!

Even though it’s been exciting, there have been quite a few moments of anxiety along the way, and we’re still a ways away from being fully settled!

Regardless of the task at hand, it’s always important to make time to relax! In an effort to take a ‘time out’ my handsome man and I wondered the neighborhood and found a cute, local, outdoor spot to have brunch – and a Bloody Mary!

Relaxed and rejuvenated after taking in some awesome food, fresh air and a little libation, we’re back at it!

Even if you think you can’t, always make time!

Work with it

As I am sure is no mystery to anyone reading, life doesn’t always go according to plan! I blogged last week about the start of our yoga lunches at AWG and this was week two. Of course, this lovely mid-day flow is intended for outside through the spring and summer to take in some afternoon rays and its raining today.

Refusing to allow the weather to ‘rain on our parade’, we slide the copier/fax and life size blues brother statues out of the open space near our entrance and rolled out our mats. Admittedly, I was skeptical as to whether this would work but the space ended up being perfect for the small group this week!

spaceMegan of Natural Grace Wellness was amazing at adapting the practice to fit the space and led us in what I am sure is the first series of chants our office lobby has ever experienced.

yoga2There were definitely a few confused faces from folks around the office, as well as a very puzzled delivery man but we made it work with what we had!

This concept of making the best of what you have to work with is important to carry through all aspects of life. I always appreciate a little life lesson/reminder with my yoga and today definitely struck a cord.

Sometimes life doesn’t go according to our will and even the best laid plans can fall apart. Instead of allowing yourself to crumble with a shift in circumstance, work with it and see if you can make something great!