Game plan

I’m back after a lovely, long, relaxing weekend and I hope that same can be said for all of you! For as fabulous as the weekend was, the reality of a busy (short) week is sort of smacking me in the face!

Just like most days, weeks…months, haha, there is seemingly more to get through than there is time in the day! Determined to make it work, even when I know sometimes it won’t, I write out (yes, I go all old school with a #2 and some college ruled) a game plan. Sometimes its simple, I just make a quick list of the things I need to accomplish to keep my focus on track but lately, I have needed to take more detailed measures.

While it does take an evening or few hours of dedicated focus, I have found it so helpful to map out a game plan week to week, month to month. Now, I am all for living in the moment, being spontaneous and having a good time, but things need to get done, haha! By laying out my weeks and months (hour by hour), I was able to see where I was wasting time and where I could be more efficient. The best take away from it all is the realization that it all fits.

Living a full life doesn’t have to be stressful if you have a game plan!