Wellness Wednesday

Happy hump day my fellow wellness lovers!

I hope you’re all in the midst of enjoying another wonderful week! Things have been crazy busy around here and I couldn’t be happier about it. Even though things are quite chaotic, it’s all positive and it is all in the name of advancing myself, my career, and my relationships. It’s during times like these when I find it most important to leave a little space – allow for the ability to reflect, breathe and soak in the moment.

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That’s why this week, Wellness Wednesday is dedicated to leaving some space – in your schedule, in your mind, in your heart – for what comes up. When I reflect on where I was about a year ago and where I am today, it is truly unbelievable, except it can’t be because it actually happening 😉 !

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A year ago (a little more if I’m being true to the actual date) I was teaching yoga a few nights a week, as my third job, in the basement of an apartment building in center city. There were about 3-5 people in class and 1 was always Phil 🙂 haha! If you had asked me then whether I’d be teaching full time now I probably would have said no…not for a few years, but here I am!!

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I love what I do for a living and I feel so lucky to share my passion with a room full of students each and every day! It’s really easy to get wrapped up in taking each step that we forget the path from which we came; so remember, leave a little space for what comes up!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂



Taking life in steps

Happy Tuesday Friends! Last week was full of surprises!!! I got a last minute, mid-week day off and my girlfriend Brianna from  Yoga Medicine teacher training came to visit from Arizona! It was so much fun to have a sleep over (Phil slept on the floor in the corner since we still don’t have any furniture beyond our bed and two bar stools) and spend time with someone who just ‘gets it.’ She and I went to an AM yoga class and I had my first positive yoga experience in San Francisco. I will admit, I enjoyed some of the classes I took at the studio around the corner from Pasta Gina but this class at Union Yoga was amazing…AND they told me to email about being added to their sub-list…YAYAYA!!!!!!!! As an added bonus, Sophia (also a yoga medicine girlfriend..who happens to be doing the 500hr Spine module with me in August) came up from Menlo Park and the three of us had a GIRLS DAY!!!!!! Totally necessary not only because I have nearly no friends here in SF but also, I needed a perspective shift…there is nothing like some wonderful yoga wisdom to reset my perspective.photo-1This week is all about gearing up for this weekend…Phil’s brother’s Wedding! I am so excited to have a brother and sister-in-law soon and I love that their wedding gives us another excuse to head back home! While I am not looking forward to the swampy heat of summer in the city of Philadelphia, I can’t wait to see everyone!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Over the plate

Do you ever miss being a kid? I reminisce about my childhood years almost daily but last night while walking around the city, I felt a longing for those days past I hadn’t felt in awhile!

With so much going on – a lot positive and some negative – I find myself overwhelmed with worries, concerns, decisions, responsibilities, etc…

On my walk I passed a youth softball game and paused to take in the game as well as absorb the nostalgia. Not only did I play softball as a kid but I pitched. At this particular point in the game, the pitcher on the mound was getting frustrated. The young girl of maybe ten had a runner on 3rd, no outs, a batter at the plate, and a frustrated scowl as she struggled to throw the ball over the plate. With the crowd and her team supporting her the young pitcher calmed her nerves, took a deep breath and found her zone!

“God I miss the days where my biggest concern in life was throwing strikes in softball” I thought as I continued on my way. The more I walked the more I realized that even though I may not be playing softball, I still spend everyday just trying to get it over the plate!

I had to laugh a little at myself because its totally true – some days are better than others but the best you can do is try and get it over the plate!