…And the fun continues

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

photo-2So I just finished packing Phil and I to move but sadly it isn’t back to our apartment. This wonderfully spacious palace with amazing views could only be ours for a week, and since there still hasn’t been any progress on fixing the issues at our place, we’ve got to relocate to a one bedroom in Pacific Heights.

While it is a beautiful neighborhood and the apartment is nice, its not right for us and it is that much further for Phil to commute to work. My hope is when I meet with our property manager tomorrow, she will have a solution/game plan. For now, I’m going with the flow, remembering each day is a blessing, & just breathing…I can’t say things have gone as expected but they certainly could have been much worse. I guess I need to keep reminding myself to let go of expectations…I’ll keep working on that.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


10 Days to go

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Even typing that title makes my stomach a little knotty…I can’t believe we’re about to move our whole lives across the country!

Phil and I kicked it into packing high gear last night! The realization that this is ‘crunch week’ to get it all packed really sunk in Sunday so we’re doing some each day to get it all done. Last night we finished packing most of the glassware & plates (keeping the few mismatched pieces we’re donating until we leave in the cabinet). We would have continued with kitchen stuff but we ran out of bubble wrap so we shifted geared to the closets. I have been charged with filling another hanging box and a box of clothing I am willing to part with for more than a month (wish me luck!).photo (2)

While I don’t think anyone likes packing, we’re loving the opportunity to purge. We’ve sold a few of our larger items & donated a ton of clothing and extra furniture. Its a good feeling to get rid of the clutter, the extras, the unnecessaries to start fresh! Phil and I can’t wait!photo (3)

I am teaching at Nourishing Storm again tonight & couldn’t be more excited! I am a little nervous since Kristin wont be there this time but I remain confident everything will be great! I finished my Yoga Medicine 200hr YTT written test this weekend and am finishing the book report and observations report this week. All of our written materials, observations and teaching recordings are due this Saturday so I have no other option but to finish!

I am so excited to be officially be a 200hr Yoga Medicine Teacher – San Francisco, look out!!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂