Its all happening

HAPPY 2015 Friends!

I woke up 1/1/15 & felt terrible – the flu 😦 of course! I made sure I did everything possible to rest and heal so by Monday I was good as new. Even with being sick I still managed to keep up with everything going on – a workout and a few yoga sessions, the rest of my Sanskrit lectures and started the Philosophy portion.

I also managed to suck it up enough to be there to support my yogi bestie at her teaching debut. She and I both went to IIN for our Holistic Health certification and are now on the verge of completing our 200hr YTT with Yoga Medicine. It was a birthday party/yoga night and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect – she did an incredible job…now I just have to get her to come to one of my classes!

Phil and I also are moving full steam ahead with the move – we signed a contract for temporary housing in SF, we’ve booked our plane tickets for 1/30, settled things with our current landlord & are finalizing the contract with the moving company…it really is all happening!

This week is full of teaching, taking classes, finishing my book/report, completing my Philosophy lecture and reviewing anatomy..this month will be quite full but I couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead.

Oh and my sister is going into labor tonight…my first niece or nephew is going to be here any moment!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂