Season’s end, Season’s cleanse

Happy Monday!

ImageI couldn’t think of a better way to end the summer season than with an awesome weekend on the bay in Avalon, NJ celebrating my sister’s bachelorette party! Our group of 15 was blessed with beautiful weather and a relaxing weekend of fun in the sun!

While the weekend was amazing, it ended with a reality check! I went to pick up my dress from alterations and BOY was it tight! All the alcohol and yummy food left me fully bloated and not feeling myself!

What a better way to motivate for a seasonal cleanse than to fit into a Maid of Honor dress! I normally do a week long full body detox a few times a year but have yet to try the juice cleanses everyone and their mother have been raving about; so here goes nothing…

I have decided on Dr. Oz’s 3 day detox juice cleanse after hours of research (and an unwillingness to pay $125-$200 for three days of food!

More to come tonight…and the next few days! Kick off is tomorrow and I am very excited to reap all the positive benefits this cleanse has to offer!!