Thursday Thoughts

We are one day away from the weekend friends! Work has been busy but good and I am super excited for a weekend of yoga, outdoor fun and time with Phil! I am grateful now more than ever for my yoga practice – standing on my feet all day long makes me very stiff…I am looking forward to a long yoga session on Saturday morning! Admittedly, it would be easy for me to fall out of my yoga routine now that I am working in the food industry and away from teaching and coaching but I am constantly inspired by the lovely yogis in my life!


These women remind me just how much I love my own practice and how bountiful and beautiful are our yoga community is…no matter where we are we’re all connected & constantly inspired by each other! There is a sense of empowerment that comes over me when I watch a fellow yogi conquer a difficult posture or hear about their studio growing & thriving – it’s a reminder of how much there is still left to achieve & I am blessed to have such inspiration!

’til next time, keep smiling! ūüôā


Yoga Journal Lessons

Good Morning Friends! My Flyers may not have been able to pull out a victory last night but the sun is supposed to shine today so we’ll call it a win overall!¬†beYOUtiful

As mentioned yesterday, I learned a lot at the yoga conference. More than acquiring physical ways to develop my practice, I took away some deeper messages that I can apply both in my practice and my everyday life.

While I already knew this, the weekend was a major reminder to be authentic to¬†your true self – whomever that might be! happyThere were a myriad of framed messages with Buddhas all over the conference¬†that seems to convey just that…who you are is beautiful, unique and to be celebrated! While we all must wear many hats in this life, its paramount¬†to remember true happiness lies in being honest with yourself and to who you are, even if that someone isn’t who others want you to be – you’ve got to make yourself happy first! I don’t know about anyone else but this is something I struggle with sometimes – in an effort to please others I end up being inauthentic to my true self and become unhappy or resentful…not so good!

Another overarching message I took away from the conference was to slow down & shut up, which again, I already knew but obviously needed to be reminded.loveedit There is a universal rhythm…a natural flow to this crazy existence we call life and if ¬†we don’t take quiet moments to catch our breath, we’ll constantly be fighting life’s current. I am committing myself to daily meditation, in addition to the other self-care activities on my list, in an effort to better tap into nature’s rhythm. I know it sounds odd to some but I really believe a calm and peaceful mind can help cultivate creativity & an open¬†heart! When you slow down and tap in, your naturally more open to love life fully because you’re not tensing up from the chaos and stress of battling the day to day!

I could go on for days about all the inspiring messages I took away from the weekend but I think these were the two big ones! In terms of action steps (besides adding morning meditations to my routine), I have officially applied for a yoga teacher training program that starts in the fall, fingers crossed I get accepted & as soon as my gym membership is officially up (5/20) I am signing up for YogaGlo to keep learning from yogis and not just practicing on my own!



Daily Eats

  • Breakfast: Strawberry Banana Protein Shake
  • Snack: Greek Yogurt w/Blueberries
  • Lunch: Mixed Greens w/Tuna & Lemon
  • Snack: Raw Almonds
  • Dinner: Cioppino w/whole wheat sourdough bread
  • Dessert: Cacao Fudge Bars w/Unsweetened Coconut

Yoga Conference Breakdown

Happy Hump Day Lovers!Kris&ME My yoga conference buzz is still pushing me through this gloomy week! I know I’ve said I love rainy days but let me be clear, I am not a fan of several in a row!ANYWAY, I promised to share all the amazing details of The Yoga Journal Conference in New York this past weekend! The lovely and talented Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm was my partner in crime for the weekend & I couldn’t have been more blessed to have such an inspirational force to share the weekend with!

In addition to our 6 workshops this weekend, Kristin and I decided to do a little yoga throughout the city, striking a pose wherever and whenever the mood struck…


All silliness aside, I learned so much this weekend. I started¬†with Tiffany Cruikshank’s ‘Inspire’ workshop¬†which focused on the breath and harnessing our inner strength with the¬†breath. workshopAfterwards Jason Crandell did a 360 degree tour of the hip joint in his workshop! We¬†dissected all the different muscles that connect/wrap through the hip joint and the connection to the spine/back bending – totally awesome! Finally, I finished Day 1¬†with Shiva Rea’s ‘rhythmic vinyasa’ workshop. It was all¬†about understanding our synchronicity with the universal rhythm and using the fullness of our breath to tap into that rhythm…totally inspirational!

Day 2 began by¬†de-mystifying revolved triangle with Rodney Yee and his wife Colleen Saidman. The two worked in tandem to expand our understanding of twists & totally revolutionized the way I look at getting into poses, holding poses, and directing my energy during practice…those two are no joke! rodneyWhile I loved¬†Rodney & Colleen’s worksop, it was a total yogic juxtaposition to take ‘down to fly’ with Dana Trixie Flynn next. With rock/rap music blaring, glitter flying & dance parties in between sequencing DTF approach to yoga is definitely unique but I love her message:¬†be authentic to yourself, have fun, & keep it light! I closed the conference with Tiffany Cruikshank’s ‘release’ workshop.¬†Our focus was on¬†myofascial release and boy did we need it! I have messed around with myofascial release after intense work outs but it was totally invaluable to learn from a yoga, sports medicine & chinese medicine expert!floorshot

Since this post is already long enough I will save my take aways & action steps moving forward for tomorrow! Game 7 of the Flyers v. Rangers Stanely Cup Play offs is tonight…LETS GO FLY GUYS!!


Daily Eats

  • Breakfast:¬†Greek Yogurt & Blueberries
  • Snack #1: Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lunch: Brown Rice Noodles & Tofu w/Vegetables
  • Snack #2: Sweet Potato Chips’
  • Dinner: Citrus Cod w/Snow Peas
  • Dessert: Popcorn & Cacao Fudge Bars w/Coconut


YJC 2014 & Today’s Adventures in Exercise

YJC2014I may not leave for the conference until tomorrow but my excitement is already palpable! That’s right, the road to Yoga Journal Conference NYC 2014 is almost complete – in a mere 33 hours I’ll be checking in for a weekend full of incredible energy, excitement & inspiration!

Last year I attended the business of yoga workshop & participated in the free group classes but this year I am taking 6 workshops covering various aspects of practice. I’m super¬†excited to learn from some of the world’s most amazing yogis Yoga-Journal-Conference-New-York-City– no joke, most of these inspiring¬†folks are internationally recognized & travel extensively to share their practice – but I’m a bit nervous! Considering a lot of the conference attendees are teachers themselves or veterans in the yoga community, how could I not be nervous?!?! Instead of letting my nerves get the best of me, I’m transferring that energy into absorbing all the weekend has to offer! Beyond the workshops, its incredible to feel the sense of community & positive energy from everyone around – knowing you’re surrounded by people who share your passions is very powerful!

Wish me luck!

Today is pilates class number four & I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it! I really enjoy the isolated liftmovements…you can totally¬†feel the shape of your muscles changing! Also, this will be the second week I’m experimenting with weight lighting. Its been years since I have done any lifting but with my back pain increasing it makes sense to try & strengthen all the supporting muscle groups. I am lifting with my pilates partner in crime over at Kissing Chubby Goodbye since she’s been into the lighting scene for about 8 months now & we’re definitely easing me back into it. The plan is to keep it simple, play it safe with the spine & see how it goes…I’ll keep ya posted!

Have you tried anything new lately? I’d love to hear about it!

Daily Eats:

  • Breakfast: Quinoa Protein Porridge w/Banana
  • Snack #1:¬†Greek Yogurt w/Blueberries
  • Lunch: Egg Salad w/Mixed Greens & Pita
  • Snack #2: Peanut Butter & Honey Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks
  • Post Workout: Apple
  • Dinner: Baked Tofu w/Exotic Mushrooms & Sweet Potato Fries
  • Dessert: Cacao Mousse Tarts

Everyday Inspiration & Detox Day 10

Happy Hump Day Folks! We’re in double digits and there are only five more days until Phil & I have successfully completed The Vabulous Life Spring Detox! We both agreed there are many things we’re going to incorporate into our regular routine; however, we’re both looking forward to adding things like eggs, nuts, dairy & wine back to our diet…in moderate amounts of course, haha!

Speaking of yummy deliciousness, yesterday’s Sweet Freedom trip was a success!! 1sweetfreeMaybe it wasn’t exactly in the spirit of detox, seeing as we had a dessert smorgasbord, but it definitely adhered to the letter of the detox & OH MY GOD everything was delicious! Considering I picked these goodies up on my bike before going to yoga class, before riding all the way back home, I opted for a few little bites that looks like they’d travel well! I’m not a big ‘cake ball’ fan but Sweet Freedom‘s delicious little bites may very well¬† have converted me. Each treat was slightly different then its ‘normal’ counterpart but in all the best ways…there was no heavy, weighed down feeling after indulging and believe me, each bite was incredibly indulgent!!


Even though there wasn’t a single ounce of guilt after last night’s dessert, I still wanted to start today with a bit of cardio – a cookie is a cookie after all, no matter what its made from! I am really loving the timer app I downloaded! It makes it so simple to throw together quick cardio sessions and squeeze in a solid work out anywhere- if anyone reading this is into fitness and doesn’t already have one of these apps, GET ON IT, its a game changer!


TCSpeaking of game changers, seeing this yesterday reminded me yoga conference is just a few weeks away and I am going to have the chance to practice with some amazingly talented yogi’s – like this goddess, Tiffany Cruikshank! I attended yoga conference in NY last year and it was totally inspiring! This year I am doing classes all day Saturday & Sunday and am so excited to open up my practice in new and powerful ways!



Detox Day # 10

  • Morning Elixirshrimpsalad
  • Breakfast: Green Flax Smoothie
  • Snack #1: Apple & Pumpkin Seeds
  • Lunch: Citrus Shrimp w/greens
  • Snack #2: Hummus & Cucumber
  • Cranberry Flush
  • Dinner: Carrot Ginger Soup w/Sweet Potato Chips
  • Dessert: Cacao Chip Cookies


Where do you find your everyday inspiration?!?!?

In the Family

Well Hello WordPress family!

I was quite honored yesterday to be nominated by the lovely Meagen Rice of Cookies and Chaos for the WordPress Family award. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the WordPress family.


Instead of sharing some things about myself, I want to dedicate this to my Swimming and Diving family; more specifically, the man who started it all.

Richard Shoulberg has been a coach, mentor, leader, father figure and friend to me for the last two decades! The legacy he has created and continues to cultivate is something I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of – both as an athlete and now coach. His unwavering dedication to the Germantown Academy family, in particular the Aquatic program he founded over 40 years ago, is evident through the success of his athletes as well as the glowing praise sung by most everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him! Its now, more than ever, that every member of the Germantown Academy Aquatic program needs to remember we are a FAMILY!Image

I want to thank and nominate the following bloggers who I consider inspirational members of my WordPress family!

Please take a moment to check out these inspiring blogs and remember to keep it in the family!!

Love in the Rain

ImageDay two of whats looking like a four or five day stretch of rain. I can’t say I am the biggest fan of the rain, but I don’t hate it either. I feel like the rain gives me an excuse to stay inside and relieves me of the guilt I sometimes feel when I am not out enjoying the glorious colors of the season!

That being said, I find taking a long walk in the rain, while properly bundled of course, to be truly cathartic. It sounds a little silly but its like you can feel God at work. If you’re not into the whole God thing, that’s cool…you could look at it as nature at work, but its the feeling of being a part of something much larger than oneself. I don’t know why, but I feel it more than ever when it rains…and I love it!


SOOO while I will be whipping up some seasonal sensations like pumpkin fettuccine and carrot ginger soup this weekend, I will also be taking a long walk or two in the rain!

Happy Friday Folks!

The Best Gift of All

Happy Hump Day!friendship

I think most can agree that one of the greatest gifts in the world is friendship. The bond of friendship is a blessing and a gift! Today’s post is actually the contents of a text a received from one of my friends. Elizabeth is on the journey of health and wellness with me and a source of constant inspiration. While sitting at my desk, my phone buzzed and it was a message from Elizabeth that read:

“You help me dream big! So I am gonna help you!” “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough! Stop playing small. We weren’t put on this earth to be average – Set your intentions high, stretch yourself to grow! Every monumental success was seemingly impossible at one point.” (From Mind, Body, Green) “Starbucks was turned down 242 times…what dreams are you not pursuing? What would your life look like if time & money weren’t an issue? What’s stopping you? Or maybe, who? Have an amazing day & remember God does not make junk! Those aches in your heart for something you’re passionate about are there for a reason…Whatever it is GO FOR IT! Have an amazing day! Love ya”

I can’t tell you how special I felt getting such a heartfelt message! Not only is she a fantastic friend, but she will be one fabulous health coach!

Treasure your friendships, support those you love in their dreams and heed the words of my wise friend!

Gratefully Inspired

Happy Monday!

Even though it was insanely hot, I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all did as well! The kick off to my long holiday weekend was a lovely acknowledgment from my fellow blogger, Erin, at Roamin 4 Happiness.

While I started this experience for myself, it is quite satisfying to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. When I started reading others blogs I was so inspired by their words but never thought I would in term be doing the same for them.

To share briefly: I am 26 years old, I live in Philadelphia, I am currently studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am a middle child with two incredibly talented and amazing siblings, I am blessed have been raised Catholic by two fantastically supportive parents who are constant examples of love and I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have the most wonderful man claim me as his!

I am growing everyday and am so thankful my words help inspire others. Here are some awesomely inspiring blogs I follow:

Reaching Utopia

Busy Mind Thinking

Love Well Live Well

Two Spoons

Katie at the Kitchen Door

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For the Love of Food

The Flexi Foodie

Homemade with Mess


Scrummy Yummy

Each of these bloggers, in their own unique way, inspire me and I hope you’ll give them a read!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Crank it UP and belt it OUT!

Happy Friday!

Not too long ago I posted about the power of music and choosing music to help your mood. Music has this incredible ability to turn dull to dreamy, anger to awe and truly transform your mood.

What I didn’t mention, and feel like is perfect for today, is the power of song – actually singing! Now, I am no Adele (though if you ever heard how hard I go after some of those high notes, you’d wonder if I actually knew that or not), but when I am sitting in traffic or getting frustrated at my office, I find singing along to the sweet sounds coming through my speakers quickly quells any tension.

I’m not saying some of your co-workers, people in cars around you or neighbors next door wont give you a funny look or wonder whats up but you’ll likely be to blissfully happy to notice.

Many times people are way too scared of what others think to do something silly or stupid and this could be seen as just that. If you’re a little shy, I understand, just turn it up a little louder to drown yourself out!

Crank it up and belt it out and you’ll be surprised how instantly happy you begin to feel!