Grown at home

ImageEver wanted to grow your own garden but don’t have outdoor space or the right year round climate to make it a success?!?!? I know I have! That’s why, when I came across this article, I had to share.

Count on to publish the 16 best edible plants to grow indoors. If I was a little better with technology I would be able to pull some of the images from the article, because they’re awesome, but sadly…not so much!

Anyway, if you click the link above it gives you helpful hints for growing certain fruits, veggies and herbs indoors! Now, I am all for a good farmer’s market run but to be able to grow my own avocados, lemons, greens, etc…would be TOTALLY awesome!

I just need to figure out which window will be best and its on!!


Home Harvests: Sharing is Caring

ImageA bag containing these lovely yummies appeared in my office Friday and I can’t even describe how giddy I got! My creative co-worker Elizabeth and her darling daughter Miley have a green house and garden where they grow gobs of vegetables, flowers and herbs!

Knowing I am a big fan of home grown food (fresh is best!) Elizabeth decided to share the extras she picked that morning with me! While I have only roasted the zucchini at this point – nothing but salt and pepper BUT simply amazing – I plan to make a tabbouleh inspired dish with those awesome tomatoes and peppers, so stay tuned!

Growing your own garden, is a perfect way to bring fresh food into your home as well as get your children involved in healthy eating at a young age. I mean, come on, how much fun is it to play in the dirt when you’re a kid!?!?!

While it may not have seemed like that big a deal, I was so touched she thought of me to share the bounties of her backyard, and I can’t wait for more!