Wellness Wednesday

Happy hump day my fellow wellness lovers!

I hope you’re all in the midst of enjoying another wonderful week! Things have been crazy busy around here and I couldn’t be happier about it. Even though things are quite chaotic, it’s all positive and it is all in the name of advancing myself, my career, and my relationships. It’s during times like these when I find it most important to leave a little space – allow for the ability to reflect, breathe and soak in the moment.

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That’s why this week, Wellness Wednesday is dedicated to leaving some space – in your schedule, in your mind, in your heart – for what comes up. When I reflect on where I was about a year ago and where I am today, it is truly unbelievable, except it can’t be because it actually happening 😉 !

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A year ago (a little more if I’m being true to the actual date) I was teaching yoga a few nights a week, as my third job, in the basement of an apartment building in center city. There were about 3-5 people in class and 1 was always Phil 🙂 haha! If you had asked me then whether I’d be teaching full time now I probably would have said no…not for a few years, but here I am!!

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I love what I do for a living and I feel so lucky to share my passion with a room full of students each and every day! It’s really easy to get wrapped up in taking each step that we forget the path from which we came; so remember, leave a little space for what comes up!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂



Wellness Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Friends!

IMG_0554I am over the moon and so excited for today you have no idea! In a few hours I will be giving my first corporate wellness presentation here in San Francisco. I have been prepping like a mad woman while balancing the family visit and thought it would be fun to share some of the tips I plan to talk about today.IMG_0569Since the target audience is modern business professionals I’ve included 10 tips to energize your day without an energy drink or excessive coffee consumption.

  • Energize your Day
    • Try a mid-day work out to keep energy up and avoid that 3pm slump
    • Have some chocolate! Dark chocolate has caffeine but also cognitive and mood boosting properties from Flavonoids
    • Believe it or not your mom was right: some fresh air will do you some good, so try to get outside for 10-20 minutes.
    • Sit up Straight! Slouching can cause fatigue whereas sitting straight helps comfortably support your frame with less effort (plus it gives you a little confidence boost which is nice)
    • Leave your desk to eat as often as possible – including snacking if you can help it.
      • the body needs to know its ‘fuel time’
    • Opt for complex carbs that break down slowly and keep your blood sugar regulated
      • always drink plenty of water too
    • Try to listen to music at your desk or pump it through the speakers to boost mood, focus and energy
    • Sipping on green tea in the afternoon after your lunch has been known to improve cognitive function, aid digestion, keep you fuller longer, and fuel your body with antioxidants and flavonoids.
    • Chia seeds, especially when paired with water are proven to keep you full and fueled for the day
    • Red is associated with confidence and winning…brighter colors can also keep you more alert and awake.  

I hope you find ways to incorporate one, or some, of these tips to help keep you energized, the healthy way!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Yogi Family

The journey has begun! I just got back from the kick off week of my Yoga Medicine 200hr Teacher Training and I am so thrilled to tell you all about it! ym200

We spent the week in Tulum Mexico learning anatomy, asanas and the basics of teaching to lay the foundation for the next few months. Mornings were early, watching the sunshine and sipping on my breakfast…sunrise

…and days were long, filled with lectures, physical practice, partner work and meditation. My body may be sore but my heart is filled with love and inspiration from all the amazing women I spent the week with.

thats me in the handstand
thats me in the handstand

I can’t wait to spend the next few months growing in my personal practice and honing my teaching skills with the coolest yogi family a girl could ask for.family

Until next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Checking in..

Hey there WordPress family!

Sorry I have been MIA but since my return from the Yoga conference I have been trying to get back into the swing of things…perhaps I will get back into the rhythm by tomorrow. I want to recap all the excitement from the weekend as well as my take aways but for now, here are a few of the highlights from my yogatastic weekend!

From striking a pose…photo 1

…to cracking fresh coconuts…

photo 2

…I learned a lot…

photo 3 (2)

…and got to see some amazing performances…

photo 4


I can’t wait to share more photos & every delightful detail…Namaste!


Daily Eats

  • Breakfast: Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie
  • Lunch: Tofu Stir-Fry
  • Snack: Pumpkin Seeds & Apple
  • Dinner: Poached Cod w/harbed quinoa salad & snow peas
  • Dessert: Cacao Pudding w/Strawberries, Unsweetened Coconut & Sliced Almonds


Essentially Awesome

oilsI was a big skeptic when I heard about using essential oils as an alternative to conventional medicine but given my holistic path, and the fact a friend of mine turned me onto it, I decided to keep an open mind.

If I am being perfectly candid, I didn’t think I would see any ‘real’ benefit from it but I wanted to support my friend in her business and bought some anyway (remember, open mind!).

HOLY AWESOMENESS!  I often get tension headaches and the ‘past tense’ oil works instantly! I used to have the worst time falling asleep but with a few drops of ‘serenity’ on my temples and the bottom of my feet right before bed, I’m out like a light! Seriously, this stuff is amazing!

I think the instance that got me totally hooked was my awful sunburn!burn After realizing I had done quite a number on my upper back, I quickly ran to the doTERRA website and looked up sunburn cures, hoping some of the oils I had on hand would work. While there were others I could use, peppermint and lavender were listed. I quickly mixed them up and smeared it all over my back  – instant pain relief! I applied some more over the next day or two as the burn healed and I experienced next to no symptoms , plus the burn healed quickly.

If you’ve ever wondered about giving essential oils a try, now is the time! From headaches, colds, and cuts to low sex drive, depression and insomnia, essential oils are far and away better then putting chemicals into your blood stream!

New Chapter

As my 25th year ends and my 26th begins – oh yea, my birthday was yesterday – I open a new chapter in my life. With that in mind, it was only fitting I officially begin my holistic health education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

While I try to grow every year, I am confident this will be a landmark year. Branching into a field I’ve always been passionate about and exploring the possibility of a career in which I could find fulfillment is very exciting but equally nerve racking.

I am so thrilled to share the information I learn and questions that arise through the program with all of you. IIN talks a lot about creating a ripple effect  – spreading the knowledge gained to the community. I hope to create that same effect in my physical and digital communities.

With an open mind I invite the lessons and challenges of the coming year and with a grateful heart I thank those in my life in advance for the support!