Guess what…

Hey Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!supyogA Phil and I had a lot of fun doing Paddle Board Yoga, BBQing with friends and family, and making plans for our wedding…Oh yea, I’M ENGAGED! I’ve been so MIA lately because Phil and I got engaged June 28th & its just been a whirlwind! On top of our exciting news, my sister is pregnant so I am going to be an AUNT! Who is more blessed than me, right?!?!?! I can’t believe I am going to be a wife and an aunt…Holy Moly!

The next year is going to be a busy one with planning a wedding, doing my yoga teacher training, ringcontinuing to build my health coaching expertise, working full time, helping my sister & taking care of our new home since Phil and I will be moving into our very own place next month!I promise I will do my best not to talk about weddings all the time but I know I will be adding little tidbits along the way to chronicle my wedding planning process! More exciting is going to be my wedding work out/diet routine. Phil and I have agreed once we move into our place Aug. 1 we go into ‘sweating for the wedding’ mode & getting back to our healthiest selves!

barnWe’ve both been maintaining pretty healthy diet and exercise routines but definitely find excuses to slack on the cardio and indulge in the vino, haha, but that’s life, right?!?! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my most recent bulubox review & plans for the coming weeks in terms of yoga routine, so until next time…SMILE!


Weekend Wiggle Room

Happy Monday! Though the weather outside was frightful, this weekend was still quite delightful!

Since my parents went on a well deserved overnight to Atlantic City, my sister and I took care of their problem child! As I told my mother, its the blondes you’ve got to look out for…dog

We made some dinner, had some red wine and relived her September wedding (since it looks like my mother’s latest project is putting together a massive wedding album!).467028_0290

Saturday night Phil and I went to one of our favorite restaurants in the city – Porcini. This 32 seat Italian BYOB has the best ravioli I’ve have ever had – there isn’t a single plate of ANY kind of pasta I’ve had in my life that even compares!rav

I was only able to get one workout in over the weekend, and my evening eats weren’t exactly the healthiest, but I am still feeling great about the way my first full week/weekend of getting back into the swing of things went. While I am definitely maintaining healthy habits most days, a little wiggle room on the weekend never hurt anyone. In fact, there are studies that show allowing yourself an indulgence day or a few indulgent meals can go a long way to cut craving and reduce the desire to binge on unhealthy foods!

Here’s to a little weekend wiggle room and the start of another healthy week!

Heaps of Hummus!

Heaps of Hummus!

Looking for a healthy snack packed with protein and flavor? Heap some hearty hummus onto your plate and dive, don’t dip, on in!

Hummus is 50 calories a serving (2 tablespoons) and is far better for your than most dips you’ll sink your favorite snacks into.

Made mostly from chick peas, tahini, extra virgin oil olive, garlic, lemon juice and sesame paste (yep, its that simple), this dip provides omega 3s, calcium, folate and a ton of minerals in a deliciously low fat, high protein snack.

Filling to help you focus, try a few tablespoons with your favorite raw veggies or whole wheat pretzel sticks and you’ll feel satisfied until dinner!

Eat hummus by the heaping helping…enjoy!!

Openly over the top!

Openly over the top!

Open faced sandwiches are super for overstuffed, over the top deliciousness!

Mondays are always days where I find myself craving a little something extra. A healthy sandwich is a great way to satisfy those cravings without starting the week off on the wrong foot!

The possibilities are endless but I usually try to get creative with leftovers.  A few roasted vegetables, a whole wheat baguette and some fresh chevre, toasted and lightly drizzled with balsamic, is healthy and sensationally satisfying!

Don’t be afraid of bread!!! 2-3 servings of whole grains daily is best, so why not sneak it in under some awesome veggies and low cal cheese?!?!?

The health benefits are endless: sustained energy, vitamins, antioxidants, immune, metabolic and cardiovascular support etc..

Open up your sandwich and make your lunch over the top…enjoy!