The Right Attitude

Happy Hump Day Lovers!!


In a world full of negatives, it can hard to maintain an attitude of gratitude. Ironically, its constant gratitude for this miracle we call life that can carry through those negatives! When I find myself all consumed by the negative, I close my eyes and remember how grateful I am for this life! I have my health, I have my family, I have a man who adores me, friends who love me, and the means to care for myself…I have everything a girl could possibly need & FOR THAT, I am always consummately grateful!


Blessing Abound

Happy Monday! Remembering to count your blessings is important! Today I wanted to take a moment to recognize two people for whom I am most grateful: my mother, Caroline and my sister, Kara.ladies2

This weekend was my sister’s bridal shower I couldn’t be more proud for my sister nor more grateful for all my mother’s help in planning, organizing and hosting the event (in conjunction with the 4 bridesmaids and my aunt/sister’s godmother)!

Its times like these that I am reminded how remarkable these women, and all the women in my family truly are! The grace with which my sister handled herself in this insane heat and the calm with which my mother carried herself while all these beautifully dressed women piled into her home was truly something to be admired (I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off and sweating like a pig, haha!).

I know there are a million things I could be thankful for on any given day, but I wanted to take a moment to note how blessed I am to have such awesome role models!


Gratefully Inspired

Happy Monday!

Even though it was insanely hot, I had an amazing weekend and I hope you all did as well! The kick off to my long holiday weekend was a lovely acknowledgment from my fellow blogger, Erin, at Roamin 4 Happiness.

While I started this experience for myself, it is quite satisfying to be nominated for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. When I started reading others blogs I was so inspired by their words but never thought I would in term be doing the same for them.

To share briefly: I am 26 years old, I live in Philadelphia, I am currently studying holistic nutrition at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I am a middle child with two incredibly talented and amazing siblings, I am blessed have been raised Catholic by two fantastically supportive parents who are constant examples of love and I consider myself the luckiest girl in the world to have the most wonderful man claim me as his!

I am growing everyday and am so thankful my words help inspire others. Here are some awesomely inspiring blogs I follow:

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Scrummy Yummy

Each of these bloggers, in their own unique way, inspire me and I hope you’ll give them a read!

Thanks for all the love and support!

Feel the love

Compliments are typically the sort of thing doled out to others – tell a friend you like her shoes, acknowledge a coworkers diligence, admire a fellow practitioners dedication to their practice, etc… but what about you?!?

So often we forget about showing ourselves a little love for the things we do. I’m probably not alone in saying I am my own biggest critic. The bar set for myself is rather high and I am constantly pushing it further and further up. Showing myself a bit of gratitude for achieving goals or exceeding expectations is quite rare.

While its great to hold yourself to high standards, sometimes it can lead to focusing on short comings instead of successes. Remembering to compliment yourself may sound silly but I assure you, this practice in self love is well worth it!

At the end of the day, I try to compliment myself on three things I did well (different from the three positives – see 3/18/13 post)! Instead of getting down on myself for not folding my laundry or making a particular phone call, I focus on the things I did accomplish, like remembering to renew a membership or being on time for everything that day. Simply allowing yourself to acknowledge the little successes can positively change your perspective and likely lead to more of them!

Compliment yourself and feel the love!

Two simple words

“Common courtesy isn’t all that common.” That is the response I often hear from friends and family when I am surprised by the behavior of others.

Practicing what I preach, I try not to give the discourteous behavior of others too much credence but its hard not to notice at times.

The words ‘thank you’ leave my mouth constantly, and for the smallest things. When it comes to a kind gesture or favor, saying thank you with a handwritten card or simple gift to express your gratitude takes minimal effort but goes such a long way!

The power of those two simple words or a small gesture of gratitude is immeasurable but unfortunately, under utilized. Courtesy is contagious so spread it around!

Try and take notice of the little things others do for you and don’t forget those two simple words…