Foodie Friday

Welcome to the weekend folks! Since its Good Friday, a solemn day of fasting to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ, today’s Foodie Friday post has a little bit of a spin. It didn’t seem congruous with the holy day to post tempting treats or even clean eats, so instead, I’m offering more of a motivational reminder!trashI will post more progress pictures of my own toned tummy soon, but I’m saving those for week 20 (memorial day) so the results are more obvious….I digress, haha!

Anyway, we all understand, in theory, that our body’s are sacred temples. These glorious vessels that carry us through everyday life are only as strong as we choose to make them, both through fuel and fitness! I watch people do hours of exercise only to scarf down a post-workout cheese steak and fries…not gonna cut it…you wouldn’t put regular gasoline in your high performance sports car, would you?!?

I’m all about indulging…pass the pasta & pinot please…but only on occasion & definitely in moderation! While creamy plates of pasta and luscious red wines trigger sensory responses that make us feel happy, excited, sexual & alive, they’re the same pleasure sensors triggered when a drug addict indulges in their fix of choice. Once the hormone that’s excreted dissipates, you’re left wanting more…so you find a reason to indulge again…and you keep putting junk in your body!

Make no mistake about it, food is a drug – It can be used as medicine to fuel your body & bring you to your optimal sense of being! It can also be used like a street drug -getting through to the next ‘fix’ – leaving you on an emotional roller coaster with a whole host of medical issues & a much larger waistline…NO THANK YOU!

Even though its the weekend, don’t treat your stomach like a waste basket and indulge responsibly!


* No Daily Eats since its Good Friday *


Happy Friday!