It’s December…when’d that happen?

Hey there friends! Is anyone else completely shocked it’s December?!?! I mean, HOLY MOLE, where did the year go? When I think about all the big life adventures and ‘firsts’ of 2015 it seriously blows my mind: we moved across the country, I started pursuing a full time career in yoga, we got married, I traveled to France and Italy for the first time, and the other week I spent my first holiday away from my family.FullSizeRender-2Phil and I celebrated Thanksgiving just the two of us at our place and while I missed the family, it was nice to have a low key holiday. I made a full Thanksgiving spread, including homemade cranberry sauce that isn’t in this picture. There was no actual turkey but I did offer to make one for Phil – he declined because tofurkey is AWESOME!!!FullSizeRender.jpgSince the honeymoon neither Phil nor I have been the best about our diet. There was bound to be a little post wedding indulgence but we’re both feeling the results in what I will refer to as ‘love fat.’ Neither of us are all that concerned, just aware and making a plan to hit the ground running in 2016. One of the new additions to livingleen for 2016 is weekly menus and exercise routines every Monday to motivate and start the week off on the right foot!


’til next time, keep smiling! 😉


Not just about goals

Happy Tuesday! Miss me?!? I missed my WordPress world but sadly life has been getting in the way of my best intentions….they’re not really daily thoughts unless there is one a day, haha!

Something we talked about during my IIN coaching circle was action steps. Sure, setting goals is amazing and a great ‘first step’ but going a little further and maybe thinking of a few action steps to bring yourself closer to that goal will make you that much more likely to take steps forward.

I know that sounds, well to me anyway, rather intuitive but not something I had ever done or been encouraged to do before. My whole life has been about setting goals and living those action steps but as life becomes more complex and those goals more difficult to ascertain, it’s sometimes hard to live my action steps. Writing down steps and thinking about realistic ways to move forward is the best way achieve the goals you want to achieve.

Don’t just set goals…set actions!

Clean Slate

Many people look to the dropping of that luminous ball on New Years to make affirmations to themselves or others…how many of you have said “My new years resolution is…” in the days/weeks following the start of a year?

Now, how long until you deviated from the aforementioned resolution – a week, a month…an hour?!? Not to worry, you’re certainly in good company! As I like to say, life gets in the way of your best intentions!

While I usually set a new goal at the start of each year, I often find the craziness of life and the excitement of spring throw me off course! Instead of getting down on myself for neglecting my goal, I look to another luminous ball – the sun – for my clean slate!

Summer Solstice is just over two weeks away and even with half the year come and gone, there is still plenty of time to reaffirm goals and promises!

Give yourself a clean slate and make the second half of 2013 great!

Perspective is Everything

Pretty Intense pose, right?!?! I love the ease of his expression…”no big deal, I’m just going to balance here and contemplate life!”

Its very easy to see something like this and think, “that’s impossible!” Admittedly, such a pose is way out of my reach, for the moment, but that doesn’t mean I can’t get there eventually! Keeping a positive perspective can help make a seemingly impossible feat achievable.

Allowing your focus to center around the idea of success in whatever you’re trying to achieve will inevitably bring you that much closer to your goal. Oppositely, if your focus is centered around the insurmountable difficulty of the task at hand, it will be impossible.

Change your perspective and the possibilities are endless!

Don’t get discouraged!


Sometimes when taking on new challenges or starting on a different path, we find ourselves overwhelmed.

For me, sometimes it feels like I’m spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing! Fear not!!

Keep believing my yourself and what you’re doing and great things will come!

Even if it feels a little crazy now, take a deep breath and keep going…

It’ll all be worth it!

Stay Confident

When I was a child, I thought I could conquer the world. My parents built me up to have such self-confidence, pride and power of conviction that I could, no joke, do anything I set my mind to.

Over time, peer pressure, adolescent insecurities, fears and adult responsibilities reduced me from a powerful lioness to a meek little mouse. Truth be told, I am petrified of everything, all the time! I am unsure of myself, my station in life, my ability to love and be loved, my goals…you name it! Do you know what all this fear, insecurity, and lack of confidence has gotten me?!?! GOOSE EGG! NADA! NOTHING! ZERO!

I know its easier said than done but I challenge myself and all of you to stay confident! Trust your instincts, reach for your goals, believe you can achieve the unachievable and don’t stop having confidence in the beauty of your heart! There will always be stumbling blocks in life threatening to shake your core, impede your progress or otherwise mess things up for you! By meeting these challenges with confidence in yourself, there is nothing you can’t overcome!

Keep your head up and don’t stop smiling!!