Celebrate Success

Nothing says celebrate like a little bubbly and nothing spells office comradery like a little booze in the afternoon! To celebrate a successful event our owner decided to propose a toast to honor and thank everyone for their hard work!

Don’t get the wrong idea here, everyone had a small mimosa to cheers the triumph and celebrate the companies continued success but its the little things like this that make working for a small, family owned business all the more rewarding!

While the bubbly didn’t hurt, the acknowledgement of our collective efforts was far more rewarding!

Don’t forget to acknowledge the little victories and celebrate success!


Show Appreciation

shortcakesToday’s posts are tied together, so if you’ll see this yummy recipe a little later but don’t they look delicious!?!?!

Its always nice to be thanked, told you’re doing a good job or be given a proverbial ‘pat on the back’ but lets be honest, that only goes so far! I try to use certain peoples’ birthday’s as an excuse to show a little appreciation.

Today was one of my coworker’s birthdays and he is one of the nicest people in our office! We have more of a family than a staff and Greg is always looking to help everyone in the AWG family….never asking for anything in return.

Baking strawberry shortcakes from scratch definitely takes a little bit of time, but it’s one of the perfect ways to show a little love – not to mention they’re soo delicious and adorable!!!

You don’t have to spend two hours in your kitchen to show appreciation but giving a little bit of yourself goes a long way – write a quick card to thank someone, pick a flower for that special someone in your life, whatever…

…just spread the love!

Floral Inspiration

flowersAs mentioned in the past, little acts of kindness are truly some of the most powerful things around!

While finding it hard to motivate yesterday morning, one of my co-workers popped her head around the corner with a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers. Simply seeing fresh flowers instantly brightens my mood but she then announces they’re for me! I am teaching her daughter to swim and she told her mommy she wanted to get me flowers –  SO THOUGHTFUL and ADORABLE!

It may sound silly but my week was instantly off to a better start! Working with ‘Mini’ and seeing her progress is reward enough but the flowers will keep a smile on my face all week!

Whether they’re a thank you to yourself or for someone else, pick up some floral inspiration and SMILE!