On my way…


The weekend is almost here and I am in a particularly good mood because I got a great workout in this morning! Even though I incorporated my alarm into my dream resulting in a few more hits to the snooze button then I wanted, I still made it to the gym a few minutes before 6am.

The beginning was a little rough: ‘Why am I doing this? My body hurts!’¬† were the thoughts swirling in my head for several minutes but with a quick flip of the Pandora station, I got into a groove. After about an hour I wanted to do more but that thing called a job, and the shower required to show up, was calling my name!

I am going to start taking pictures once a week…not to be posted until I see actual results…as an additional motivation and encouragement. I am already feeling better after a few days which helps me know I am on my way!

We’ll see how yoga goes tonight!


Mountain Weekend

Happy Monday! Image

While its raining here, I am still reveling in the beautiful weather from my weekend in the Pocono Mountains. It is still a bit warm for October but it was nice to have a quite weekend escape somewhere slightly cooler than the busy city.

I wish I could say we spent the weekend hiking, bike riding, kayaking and reveling in nature’s majesty but I’d be lying. We really spent our time there cooking, lounging and watching an incredibly addicting Netflix exclusive show call ‘Orange is the New Black’.

Dinner was a delicious plate of seared scallops, steamed asparagus and Parmesan polenta with fresh herbs.¬†ImageThis scrumptious seafood plate was made by throwing slightly salted scallops down onto a screaming hot pan. Just after putting them into the pan, reduce the heat, slip a pad or two of butter into the pan and allow it to slide under all your meaty morsels and pool in the corner of the pan. Slowly spoon the melted butter atop the scallops to cook through…after a few minutes carefully flip and viola!

Before beginning the scallops searing, the polenta process must begin. Boil some water, add some corn grits and reduce heat. Slowly stir and cook for about 20 minutes adding butter or milk as it begins to thicken to keep it creamy. Once the polenta has reached the desired consistency, add the parm and herbs – in total this should take about 30-35 minutes.

Of course you can’t forget about the naturally detoxifying and tasty asparagus spears. Start those around the same time as the scallops (med/high heat with a little bit of liquid in a covered pan). While it may not be the healthiest meal I have posted (given the 6 tablespoons of butter used), its still got a decent amount of nutritional¬† value…. and tastes deliciously indulgent!

You don’t have to be in the mountains to enjoy this meal but you must be ready to indulge and enjoy!

Celebrate Success

Nothing says celebrate like a little bubbly and nothing spells office comradery like a little booze in the afternoon! To celebrate a successful event our owner decided to propose a toast to honor and thank everyone for their hard work!

Don’t get the wrong idea here, everyone had a small mimosa to cheers the triumph and celebrate the companies continued success but its the little things like this that make working for a small, family owned business all the more rewarding!

While the bubbly didn’t hurt, the acknowledgement of our collective efforts was far more rewarding!

Don’t forget to acknowledge the little victories and celebrate success!

Power of Food

So a friend and fellow IIN student shared this on her facebook the other day and I just had to pass it along to the blogger community!

Click the Photo to read a powerful article about Nutrition, Food as Medicine and the Medical Community!


Never forget the power of food!