Motivation Monday #4

Welcome to the start of another exceptional week friends!

yoga-photography workshop-5.jpgWhile my family has been in town we’ve been keeping busy with long walks around the city, bike rides over Golden Gate Bridge, Paint Nite, rooftop dinners, and awesome city meals! I feel like Phil and I took a mini vacation even though we never left the Bay Area.IMG_0533.JPGWe have one more day until Mom & Dad fly home which isn’t keeping us from staying committed to kicking butt and keeping healthy for the 4th of our 16 exceptionally motivated weeks. My day started bright and early with a bike ride, yoga class, and some meditation. Then its a little more family time and crossing my fingers the weather holds out for my parents. I also have to squeeze in some work because there are some great projects in the works this week that I am super excited to share with you…soon!IMG_0540For now, you’ll have to be satisfied with another week of healthy eats and awesome exercises to stay healthy, motivated and feeling like your best! There is nothing quite like time with family to leave you feeling full of energy and ready to tackle another week!

Week 4

“Life doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger!” 

Weekly Exercise: Yoga Daily, 45 minutes cycling 2x week, and HIIT 2xweek

Routine: Pyramid Style  (2x week)                                                                                                                     (10sec, 20 sec, 30sec, 40sec,30sec,20sec,10sec rounds w/15sec rest btwn)

  • burpees
  • lunges
  • mountain climbers
  • skaters
  • plank

Breakfast: scrambled eggs whites with cheddar cheese & spinach on sprouted toast and orange juice OR oatmeal with banana and walnuts

Lunch: tuna salad with mixed greens OR tofu bowl with veggies and quinoa

Dinner: cauliflower pizza, fish tacos with zesty slaw, OR whole wheat pasta w/roasted veggies & marinara.

Snacks: Health Warrior Chia Bars, Trail Mix, Hummus w/cucumbers, carrots & pita chips, and apple w/peanut butter


’til next time, keep smiling 🙂


Decisions, Decisions

Happy Labor Day Weekend Friends!

Beautiful Happy Labor Day Weekend Pictures

We’re looking forward to some holiday weekend festivities: wine tasting, biking, art festival, bbq, etc… BUT first, we need to make wedding decisions, since ya know, its happening in about a month!!!

I don’t know if it’s just me but I feel as though we’ve had a wedding planning lull for the last few months and now all of the sudden a million decisions need to be made, like yesterday! God bless my mother and sister! Since I am all the way across the country these two (with the help of some of my aunts and the bridesmaids – THANK YOU LADIES!) have taken the reigns and are tackling so many of the important details! Even with the amazingly generous help from my family, there is still a lot Phil and I need to decide on – favors, welcome bag items, readings, hymns, uplighting colors, linen choices, etc… the list goes on!! There are a few things I am excited about deciding and those are the gifts we’re giving to people involved in the wedding – any fun ideas are welcome..please leave suggestions in the comments! The Wedding-Couple-Angr-Woman-man-300x200one thing we’ve decided for certain is that from here on out we’re not going to let anything about the wedding stress us out or take away from the importance of the day. With all the superficial things, like uplighting, linens, etc… that can go into a wedding, it’s easy to forget the day is about Phil and I creating our own family unit and beginning our life as husband and wife! Whether the flowers are right, or the music is on point, or the bakery delivers the cake on time, we still get to spend the rest of our lives together!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Real Talk

Happy Monday Friends!

We’re nearing the end of July and I, for one, have no clue where the time has gone! There are less than 80 days until Phil and I get married…can you believe that?!? We have so much to do but I am happy to say we’ve successfully checked off A LOT: the cake is done, my dresses are ready to go, invitations are going out curtesy of my mother, sister, aunts and other helping hands, the music (for the most part) has been worked out with the band, and we’re figuring out wedding band designs – but trust me, we’ve got much more to accomplish between now and October. One more thing I have started to do is drink more warm apple cider & lemon water first thing each day, I feel like this is my best way to kick start a healthy day! photo 1-3

I celebrated my bachelorette the other weekend – IT WAS AMAZING! My sister and bridesmaids spoiled me rotten and I couldn’t have asked for a better weekend. We did EVERYTHING from relax at the spa to close down the club and had the best time doing it! I was so sad to say goodbye to everyone but glad to see Phil when I got home. photo 2-3

Speaking of, he and I have been doing lots of little things to prep for the wedding and I can’t wait to share!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Getting Real

So I feel like my blog is slowly turning into a weekend recap and quite frankly, thats not interesting to anyone…not even me! Today its getting a little more real…YES, this weekend we enjoyed a great dinner with friends on our roof and were blessed with a magnificent sunset BUT that doesn’t begin to scratch the surface!!photo-13

First, there are less than 90 days until Phil and I say ‘I do’ and our ToDo list is massive! We have set lists to review for the band, shot lists to approve for the photographer, floor plans to sign off on for the planner, photo montages to compile and that’s not even half of it…but this weekend is my bachelorette and this is one item on my wedding to do list I am VERY excited to check off!!! We’re going to have the most glorious time in D.C….right after I squeeze in my dress fitting and cake tasting Friday morning!

Second, i have the start of my 500 hr training in about a month and I am not even teaching yet! I KNOW I need to be easy on myself…acknowledge I am trying to tackle a lot of significant life events ALL at once and there is no reason I should be putting so much pressure on myself…but at the same time this is what life is about! I am making a plan this week to prep for training – I have to study, practice more, and bump up my meditation game!

Third, and while I haven’t touched on it lately here, Phil and I are doing our best to maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine. BUT for the first time in a very long time, I am keeping less track of whats going in and how much I am burning….AND I feel great. I am always very aware when I have indulged too much or feel like I need a treat – I am letting my body and intuition lead the way and I’m enjoying the results!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Never a dull moment

Well it’s back to reality after a weekend back home in Philadelphia. It was such a wonderful but crazy weekend, I don’t even know where to start. Sadly we didn’t really sleep on the flight but regardless of rest we hit the ground running with a meeting at our venue, Union Trust. Phil, my mother, and I sat down with our planner and finalized all the details for the menu and I felt like a complete zombie…I just hope we like what we picked on the day of the wedding, hahah! Thankfully we were able to squeeze in a little nap before the rehearsal dinner which was awesome but SOOOO long! photo 1(1)Saturday is when the real fun began! Phil left at like 6am to go golfing (basically in the rain) and I got a call from my mom that basically said there was a mishap with my rent the runway dress and I don’t have a dress for the wedding this afternoon……PANIC!!!!! God bless my mother – she was helpful, patient, and resourceful – she pulled an old prom dress out of the closet and told me to see if it fit. photo 2(2)I would NEVER had thought to try but sure enough, it fit! I got a ton of compliments and while the run around was stressful, it all worked out in the end. The wedding was beautiful and I am so excited to be officially expanding my family when Phil and I tie the knot in a few short months!

’til next time, keep smiling!!!

Bitter Sweet

I got to take a special trip home last week. I was so excited to spend 48hrs with my family and enjoy some more special time with this little guy…FullSizeRendersadly the trip wasn’t for a happy occasion. My grandmother fell ill around the time of my bridal shower and she didn’t have the will or strength to fight through. Selfishly I’m sad I couldn’t say goodbye like the rest of my family and I’m devastated she won’t see me walk down the aisle at my wedding or give Phil and I our family Bible as a wedding present, but deep down I know she is in a better place. I couldn’t be happier she’s at peace but am still sadden by the thought of not having her around.

My grandmother was a truly incredible woman – I can’t say she and I saw eye to eye on everything but I admired her. I always thought she was incredibly graceful…I imagine thats just how she wanted to be viewed, not to say she wasn’t in fact graceful, just that she always had things on her terms. THAT is what I admired most about my grandmother, her poise and her ability to get her way – people say I always have to get my way but no one has ever says I get that from her…I think I

I worry now whose going to pray for my terribly troubled soul – Grandmom always prayed for me. I know my prayers sure aren’t enough so anyone out there want to add me to their prayer list..! My grandmother was like a super Catholic, I’m pretty sure she should have had a cape & flown around saying prayers for people. Her prayer list was a mile long and every day she would pray for EACH and EVERY person on that list, and I sure a few folks that weren’t – she cared about everyone.

I’m thrilled she’ll be watching Phil and I during this exciting adventure & helping my get my way! 😉

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Oh wait, I have a blog…Thursday Thoughts

Hello Friends!

Yes, I remember I have a blog!! I’ve honestly missed sharing everything that’s been going on – btwn work, moving for the fourth and final time, flying home for my shower/Brayden’s Baptism/Mother’s Day/our food tasting, and my birthday, I haven’t had any time to dedicate to writing!photo 1The trip home was amazing! I loved spending time with my family, especially my perfect little godson Brayden!! He is growing so much and I can’t believe I’m missing it!!! Thank God for social media because if it wasn’t for Instagram, I wouldn’t be able to watch him grow up. photo(6)My shower was pretty incredible! My sister, mom and bridesmaids did such an amazing job, I couldn’t be more blessed! The day was so much fun and all the little details really made for a special event…one of my favorite things was all these lovely framed quotes from Phil (notice the mantel behind us for one example)…things he said about me, our first date, etc…it was so sweet! photo(5)Even though it was only a few days apart, I missed Phil (he didn’t come home until a few days after me) & was so excited to do our food tasting a mere 4 hours before flying back to California. It was a great way to round out the trip home – we had the whole venue to ourselves & enjoyed a special private tasting in the bridal suite with the chef, mater dei, & our 2We made it back to California just in time for my 28th Birthday. This was the first year in a decade that I worked on my Birthday instead of treating myself to a spa day, and quite honestly, it wasn’t the same! Phil, in typical perfect fiance fashion, made me feel special by showering me with flowers, gifts and an intimate meal out…PERFECTO! photo(4)I’m sure I missed a thing or two but at least this post hits on all the highlights! I will admit I haven’t taken any yoga classes in the last two weeks BUT today is a new day and I am starting it was a class before work!photo 2(1)

Fingers crossed I get back on track with this whole regular blogging thing…haha! 🙂 Honestly, sometimes life gets in the way and as much as I love blogging, I am never going to reach a point where I pre-draft my blog posts for weeks at a time just to deliver regular content…THIS blog is about my life as its happening, and I don’t think I can write that 2 weeks in advance!

Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Meditate & Motivate

It’s the start of another wonderful week friends! Phil and I had a great trip to Tahoe this weekend and while I may be a bit tired from the late nights, I’ve got a busy week ahead of me so there’s no time to dawdle. Phil and I are flying back to the east coast Thursday night so we can spend time with family. I don’t know if it’s the fact I’m going home in a few days or that the last time I was in Tahoe I was with my family but I was majorly missing them this past weekend. IMG_3574

Our family trip to Northern CA 5yrs ago culminated in some time in Tahoe & Squaw Valley, exactly where we were this weekend…every time we passed a particular site, or I noticed something familiar, I was taken back to the amazing time we all had together! What’s more, I was reminded of where I was in my life & able to reflect on my journey. While I must admit I was very impressed with the kind of shape I was in, I was more impressed with how far I’ve come and how many positive changes I’ve made in the last 5yrs. tahoe

I give myself a hard time, as I have shared, about where I am in my career but times like these I am smacked in the face with how much I have actually accomplished and reminded where I am is a great place to be. So even though I love reminiscing about the past and pining for the future, I am going to work on being here, right now, and knowing it’s exactly where I should be.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Two Weeks To Go

Happy Thursday Friends! With just two weeks until we move I don’t know how we’re going to fit everything in: between spending time with family and friends, coordinating transport details & finishing up with yoga training it doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day!multitasking

Trying to keep so many balls in the air could drive a person batty so I am just taking it step by step. This morning I managed to teach a 6:30a class at the Nourishing Storm studio & I am on my way to the office for one of my last few meetings as a WorkZone employee. It feels odd coming to the office when I am leaving in two weeks but it’s good to get out of the house PLUS I plan to see my sister and nephew today so this way I’m half way there.

I am doing my best to stay focused on the positive aspects of our transition and not the fact I’m leaving my family, friends, job & home. Its weird embarking on this new adventure without the safety and security I have here but I am thrilled about the possibilities of whats to come & know I have the best support system in Phil – together we can tackle anything! TelegraphHill Phil and I will be living in telegraph hill for our first few months and are excited to explore a new city – I have already mapped the distance to the nearest Trader Joe’s & figured out the best route to Pioneer Park from our front door!

Tonight is dinner with my future brother and sister-in-law at Zahav and I am sooo exciting! My good friend Frank Goggin is the sous chef there and I can’t wait to see what he has in store…I don’t think he’s ever cooked a bad meal & under the tutelage of the great Michael Solomnov, his food has been elevated to new heights! Lets just hope Phil and I have time to squeeze in a little pre-dinner cardio so we can keep on track…we’ve been working out together 3x a week and it feels great!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

He’s Here!

As I predicted, my sister had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and he couldn’t be more perfect….photo (1)

Brayden Mayer Mangat is a healthy 7lb 11oz and according to the hospital 21 1/4 inches long but I swear that kid is longer! His hands and feet are so big, his skin is so soft and everything about him is just so delicate…such a precious gift.

With the excitement of my new nephew I have still tried to stay on track with my Yoga Medicine 200hr YTT & did an amazing observation with the inspiring Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm. I absolutely love her new studio and the community she is building in Hatboro…sad I have to leave. Even though its about an hour commute to get there from the city, its worth it!!

Phil and I continue to make progress with the San Francisco move and with only 22 days until we depart I think I can confidently say all the major things are covered: we’re donating and selling our furniture and trying to get packed at this stage…hopefully things will all work out!!

I guess the only bitty bummer is my company is not going to keep me on during my transition. I’ve spent the last 6 months building a home at WorkZone and its with a heavy heart I accept what both my bosses believe this is the best option for me – San Francisco has become an even bigger adventure now that I will be starting to look for a new career on top of tackling a new city.

Everything happens for a reason and I am remaining confident the best is yet to come!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂