Wednesday Wedding Confessions

Happy Hump Day Friends!

I hope everyone is making it through the week with a smile on their face! Phil and I sat down to dinner last night and started talking about our favorite topic, the wedding. During the talk of payments, confirmations, timelines, etc.. we both looked at each other without saying a word, we knew what the other was thinking: neither of us are particularly looking forward to our wedding at this point.

Young woman experiencing headache with man on the sofa behind her

While that might sound terrible to put in writing or say out loud, I believe honesty is the best policy, so I’m not taking it back. Look, the reality is our wedding day will be amazing, and we’re both genuinely looking forward to being man and wife but this whole ‘event’ is just A LOT and we’re drained! There are less than 25 days left until we say ‘I do’ and we still have welcome bags to arrange, seating charts to do, finalizing the gifts for everyone, making sure the timeline for the day of is properly arranged, a marriage license to procure, and at least a dozen other things to get done. w2

We agreed we were not going to allow the wedding to stress us out anymore but now its not even stressful its just exhausting….which I guess is why we feel the way we do. We keep hoping/praying we’re not going to let a trivial detail ruin the day. We are terrified that all this time, money and energy from so many people will somehow/someway get ruined, so instead of being excited for what will be the happiest day of our life, we’re just dreading it. w1

In our heart we know things will work out but we can’t help but feel the way we do! I know there is no way we’re the only couple who’ve felt this way during the wedding planning process, so I wanted to put it out there for anyone who might be feeling the same!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


Bitter Sweet

I got to take a special trip home last week. I was so excited to spend 48hrs with my family and enjoy some more special time with this little guy…FullSizeRendersadly the trip wasn’t for a happy occasion. My grandmother fell ill around the time of my bridal shower and she didn’t have the will or strength to fight through. Selfishly I’m sad I couldn’t say goodbye like the rest of my family and I’m devastated she won’t see me walk down the aisle at my wedding or give Phil and I our family Bible as a wedding present, but deep down I know she is in a better place. I couldn’t be happier she’s at peace but am still sadden by the thought of not having her around.

My grandmother was a truly incredible woman – I can’t say she and I saw eye to eye on everything but I admired her. I always thought she was incredibly graceful…I imagine thats just how she wanted to be viewed, not to say she wasn’t in fact graceful, just that she always had things on her terms. THAT is what I admired most about my grandmother, her poise and her ability to get her way – people say I always have to get my way but no one has ever says I get that from her…I think I

I worry now whose going to pray for my terribly troubled soul – Grandmom always prayed for me. I know my prayers sure aren’t enough so anyone out there want to add me to their prayer list..! My grandmother was like a super Catholic, I’m pretty sure she should have had a cape & flown around saying prayers for people. Her prayer list was a mile long and every day she would pray for EACH and EVERY person on that list, and I sure a few folks that weren’t – she cared about everyone.

I’m thrilled she’ll be watching Phil and I during this exciting adventure & helping my get my way! 😉

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Thursday Thoughts

Hey Friends,photo I hope everyone is making this a wonderful week! I am particularly excited about today because Phil and I are celebrating the anniversary of our first date. Two years ago today we met at a local Philadelphia favorite, Pub & Kitchen, photo-2for dinner and drinks. If the fact that we’re now engaged to be married and living across the country isn’t evidence that things are always changing, I don’t know what is! I’m elated by the idea of spending the rest of my life with this amazing man and over the moon we’ve  decided to enjoy this crazy roller coaster of life together!photo-3 More importantly though, I’m so blessed to be with someone who recognizes that life is always changing. We have the choice to evolve and get on board with the opportunities we’re given, or let them pass us by. While change isn’t always the easiest or most comfortable thing in the world, it’s a part of life. photoI’ve found that in embracing  the inevitability of change, I don’t find it to be as scary anymore. I’ve never been someone to enjoy change all that much, nor has Phil, but being together we’ve changed each other, ironically enough. Today, we’re open to the possibility of what changes are ahead and celebrate the unknown. We’re both so excited to embrace this year of change & enjoy what life brings in the years to come!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning Lovers!

We’re one day closer to the weekend and with Ash Wednesday behind us, as well as the lunar new year (also know as the Chinese New Year), its time for some changes. The priest at our new church described a 1-1-1 plan for Lent in his homily yesterday evening and I was intrigued: one sin, one positive and one give up. First, pick one sin to focus on during this 40 day fast/time of reflection. Try to create a greater personal awareness around why you’re committing it and what you can do to work on it. Second, choose one positive activity to add into your routine, and lastly pick one vice and try to avoid it.lent2014

For me, I am working on my quick emotional reactions – I can’t necessarily denote the ‘sin’ but can point to vices that include but might not be limited to pride, envy, wrath, and avarice – I’m excited to continue exploring how I can better respond to what life throws my way. Phil and I are both giving up processed sugar which I am super excited about because it gives me an excuse to take a break from the sweets and get creative with dessert options! However, what I think I’m most excited about is the addition of my positive activity…Thursday Thoughts!!!!! Obviously this blog is my thoughts, but this post, each week, will be more of a reflection on the greater lessons of yoga, life, etc..dsc_0113Today is a reflection on my experiences on the cliff across from campus on Hawaii. While completing yoga training in the jungle there were these cliffs where we could go sit and watch the Pacific in our free time. It was in moments there I was reminded of the perfect beauty that is mother nature. From awe striking sunrises to afternoons watching whales, waves and sea turtles every moment renewed this natural connection I’d somehow lost.

dsc_0266We’re all a part of something so much greater than ourselves and everything that surrounds us is a gift for which to be grateful. Remember to be present and appreciative for each moment in time because there truly won’t be another like it again.


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Rockaway St. Patty’s & The Start of Lent

Happy Hump Day Folks! While I may have had a wonderful weekend, it certainly didn’t take me until today to fully recover, but close, haha!! The start of my week has been busy busy busy between work, another snow storm, mother/daughter night @ the Philadelphia Flower Show and water damage issues in my apartment (yes, again!).pats I did manage to squeeze 30 minutes of exercise before we kicked things off Saturday & I was so grateful for the boost in energy! We had a wonderful weekend: Authentic Irish music, a fun filled parade, dancing, green cocktails and general awesomeness! It was so much fun to catch up with my best friend from college! As soon as we get together, its like we’ve spent no time apart…the only thing that’s different is we can’t quite ‘hang’ the way we used to… nor do we want to, haha!

This weekend really reminded me the importance of family, tradition and lasting friendships! Life pulls us all in a million directions, sometimes its hard to remember where we come from and what is truly most important. Since today is the Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent for Catholics, that reminder couldn’t have come at a better time!

The traditional purpose of Lent is to prepare for Christ’s resurrection through things like prayer, atonement and self-denial (giving up guilty pleasures, poor behaviors, and various other indulgences). I always use this time to work on being the best version of myself: I try to practice more patience, skip snacking & drinking during the week, as well as making my best effort not to curse.

Whether you are a practicing Christian or not, take this time before the start of spring, to make one positive change in your life.

The Best Gift of All

Happy Hump Day!friendship

I think most can agree that one of the greatest gifts in the world is friendship. The bond of friendship is a blessing and a gift! Today’s post is actually the contents of a text a received from one of my friends. Elizabeth is on the journey of health and wellness with me and a source of constant inspiration. While sitting at my desk, my phone buzzed and it was a message from Elizabeth that read:

“You help me dream big! So I am gonna help you!” “If your dreams don’t scare you they’re not big enough! Stop playing small. We weren’t put on this earth to be average – Set your intentions high, stretch yourself to grow! Every monumental success was seemingly impossible at one point.” (From Mind, Body, Green) “Starbucks was turned down 242 times…what dreams are you not pursuing? What would your life look like if time & money weren’t an issue? What’s stopping you? Or maybe, who? Have an amazing day & remember God does not make junk! Those aches in your heart for something you’re passionate about are there for a reason…Whatever it is GO FOR IT! Have an amazing day! Love ya”

I can’t tell you how special I felt getting such a heartfelt message! Not only is she a fantastic friend, but she will be one fabulous health coach!

Treasure your friendships, support those you love in their dreams and heed the words of my wise friend!