Essentially Awesome

oilsI was a big skeptic when I heard about using essential oils as an alternative to conventional medicine but given my holistic path, and the fact a friend of mine turned me onto it, I decided to keep an open mind.

If I am being perfectly candid, I didn’t think I would see any ‘real’ benefit from it but I wanted to support my friend in her business and bought some anyway (remember, open mind!).

HOLY AWESOMENESS!¬† I often get tension headaches and the ‘past tense’ oil works instantly! I used to have the worst time falling asleep but with a few drops of ‘serenity’ on my temples and the bottom of my feet right before bed, I’m out like a light! Seriously, this stuff is amazing!

I think the instance that got me totally hooked was my awful sunburn!burn After realizing I had done quite a number on my upper back, I quickly ran to the doTERRA website and looked up sunburn cures, hoping some of the oils I had on hand would work. While there were others I could use, peppermint and lavender were listed. I quickly mixed them up and smeared it all over my back  Рinstant pain relief! I applied some more over the next day or two as the burn healed and I experienced next to no symptoms , plus the burn healed quickly.

If you’ve ever wondered about giving essential oils a try, now is the time! From headaches, colds, and cuts to low sex drive, depression and insomnia, essential oils are far and away better then putting chemicals into your blood stream!