Post Meet Week/Back to Reality

                                Happy Belated St. Patrick’s Day to All! St._Patricks_day The weekend’s meet was long, loud and chaotic but successful! For the most part, the kids swam well and there was little to no drama – just A LOT of swimming!Image In addition to the kids success this weekend, I got to talking with some other coaches and may be collaborating on a program to help incorporate better nutrition education for swimmers. While many parents know they should be fueling their child athletes better, how to do so isn’t always intuitive! As we saw kids walking around with doughnuts, fruit snacks, chicken fingers/fries and various other unhealthy ‘foods’ our conversation as coaches couldn’t help but naturally take a turn in that direction. While things are still in early stages, it is incredibly uplifting to know there are other coaches with similar philosophies about swimming – we have a responsibility to our kids that extends way beyond the pool!

This weekend reinforced the ripple effect concept and confirmed that taking this path of health and wellness was the right move! No matter what you’re looking to achieve in life, all you have to do is listen to your heart, take steps down the path that are right for you and believe in yourself!

Getting back into the office grind is a little tough today but the prospect of moving forward with a new passion project is carrying me through!

What are some passion project you’re working on?


Foodie Friday

Happy Friday Folks! While I wish I could provide a deliciously healthy recipe this week, I am in full swing here at US MA SC Junior Olympic Age Group Champs, so there is just no time to cook! I know, the name is a mouthful!

20140314-153708.jpgAs you can see from the photo, I was awake before the sun for the first session today! Kids ages 7-14 come from all over to compete in this weekend long meet! With three sessions running consecutively from 7am-9pm there really isn’t a lot of time to eat, let alone make healthy choices!

This Foodie Friday is dedicated to my meet time favorites!

20140314-155334.jpgI usually start my day with a protein bar (not pictured here) and keep myself going with snacks like Greek yogurt and chia seeds, almonds and blueberries, or honey wheat pretzels and peanut butter.

While everyone else’s blood sugar is spiking and crashing from all the doughnuts, bagels, soft pretzels, candy and soda, I keep my energy and blood sugar even keel all day long!

Even though I’ll be working all weekend, I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing weekend!

Birthday Celebrations and Weekend Rides

Its official folks, diving season is over!! Whew! While I love my divers, the stress of coaching two sports in addition to my full time just was really starting to get to me! All I have to focus on now is my swimmers and their big meet coming up in a few weekends!

Even though I spent most of my weekend on a pool deck, I did manage to sneak in a long ride late afternoon Sunday! The weather was in the 50s and sunny – I was in heaven!philly

However, with all the snow melting, it wasn’t exactly the cleanest ride I have ever been on!bikebuttI also managed to squeeze in a fun girls night for my cousins Birthday! It wasn’t quite as tropical as our celebration for her 40th last year, but we had an amazing dinner at Pennsylvania6 in center city Philadelphia!Jam We were all a bit hungry when we sat down, so the delicious oysters and white bean dip we had for appetizers were devoured before I could snap a photo! This bi-level, dimly lit hot spot focuses on creative smaller plates while still keeping a casual/homey feel to many of their dishes! I had yellowfin tar-tar and baby beet salad as my dinner and it was divine – if you’re ever in Philadelphia, its a must try!! penn6-2penn6

Even though life gets busy, its always important to make time for self care! Whether it be a bike ride, a bite with friends or just some quiet time to decompress, its always important to do things for YOU!

Happy Monday!

In the Family

Well Hello WordPress family!

I was quite honored yesterday to be nominated by the lovely Meagen Rice of Cookies and Chaos for the WordPress Family award. I feel blessed and honored to be a part of the WordPress family.


Instead of sharing some things about myself, I want to dedicate this to my Swimming and Diving family; more specifically, the man who started it all.

Richard Shoulberg has been a coach, mentor, leader, father figure and friend to me for the last two decades! The legacy he has created and continues to cultivate is something I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of – both as an athlete and now coach. His unwavering dedication to the Germantown Academy family, in particular the Aquatic program he founded over 40 years ago, is evident through the success of his athletes as well as the glowing praise sung by most everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting him! Its now, more than ever, that every member of the Germantown Academy Aquatic program needs to remember we are a FAMILY!Image

I want to thank and nominate the following bloggers who I consider inspirational members of my WordPress family!

Please take a moment to check out these inspiring blogs and remember to keep it in the family!!