Bulu Review

We’ve made it over the hump & before you know it, it’ll be the weekend!!! I don’t know about any of you but I am looking forward to a leisurely weekend – for the first time since the beginning of May I don’t have a weekend jam packed with plans! Phil & I are just excited to keep it simple, take it easy & enjoy being around the city.bulub4

My newest BuluBox came last night, so I figured it was time to share my thoughts on last month’s awesome goodies! One of my favorite parts about BuluBox is they adapt – they’re always giving me fun samples based on reviews I’ve placed over the last few months. I enjoyed my May box and might even be incorporating an item or two into my daily regime.


  • Power Crunch Protein Energy Bar: Both the flavor and effects of this yummy little morsel were amazing! I’m going to grab a box from the site and give them a try on long rides or before intense workouts.
  • Smarty Pants Gummy Vitamins: I was super excited to try these but a bit bummed they sent me kiddie vitamins, haha! BuluBox included two samples of the adult version in my most recent vitamin delivery so I am excited to give them a try – the kids flavor is great though!
  • Amino Active: I really enjoyed these as a pain reliever because it had the same effects as NSAIDs/Ibuprofen but I didn’t feel like I was putting chemicals in my body.
  • Pump Igniter: This stuff definitely isn’t for me but I could picture big muscly men shaking this stuff up in their water pre-workout…it definitely gives you a kick in the pants.
  • Manitoba Harvest Hemp Protein 70: I have used a few of their products & was very pleased with the protein – I actually baked with it & the banana bread was delicious!
  • FitMiss Burn: I would consider switching my BurnBlend (Shapelogy) for this product because they’re very similar but its hard to say from a single sample…might have to do a little more research first.

I have my June & July box to go until my subscription lapses & I can’t decide if I want to renew for a few months or try another brand. I know there are a ton of subscription boxes out there, so if anyone has any favorites, let me know! Also, if you’re interesting in trying BuluBox for yourself, feel free to click anywhere you see their name in the post!



Bulu Review #3

Hey there friends! I am excited to share the third Bulu Box Review with all of you. There was a little confusion about my address so my April & May boxes arrived within a week of each other – don’t be surprised if another review comes yours way in a week or so. None the less this box was awesome, so lets dive right in…


  • Grandma’s Lye Soup: I am all about using natural products on your skin and I have been really pleased with this product so far…it washes clean, has a neutral scent and leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated.
  • WhiteShield: I wasn’t particularly jazzed about this one, but I tried it in a decaf latte & it didn’t change the taste or texture..If it works with red wine, THAT would be something I could get excited about!
  • Protein Cereal: I have been secretly thinking that every cereal should be fortified with protein so I was pumped to try this product…particularly when I was stuck in traffic and starving! It tasted great!
  • Garden of the Earth Raw Protein: The Raw protein has always appealed to me but the price made me hesitant. Chai Latte wasn’t my favorite flavor but I felt great after drinking it.
  • Energy Gummy Bears: I noshed on these suckers when I needed a mid-afternoon boost during a cleaning frenzy and they did the trick – no crazy heart racing or crash & they tasted yummy!
  • PMS Relief: I was quite thankful for this & I definitely noticed a difference in headaches, cramping & bloating.
  • Simple Diet: I am not a big ‘diet pill’ fan but I ran out of my multi today so I took this – can’t really say I notice results in one use.
  • Green Tea Swirl: These intimidate me so I am waiting to bring them this weekend and have the whole family try them out…stay tuned.

Pose-A-Day: Well, the day got away from me, so my Virabhadrasana (Warrior 2) was taken from the comfort of my bedroom – not very exciting. Today’s pose, Urdvha Dhanurasana (Upward Bow) is a personal favorite & will be coming to you from the beach, can’t wait!!

Daily Eats

  • Breakfast: Banana w/Peanut Butter
  • Snack: Sweet Potato Wedges
  • Lunch: Hummus w/Carrots
  • Snack: Yogurt w/Blueberries & Flax
  • Dinner: Goat Cheese & Spinach Flatbread w/marinated olives
  • Dessert: Sweet & Salty Popcorn


Wellness Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

After a long weekend of coaching, I took some time for primary food last night and got a massage. As mentioned in a previous post, I recently signed up for Hand & Stone‘s lifestyle program. This was my second massage since signing up and I was quite pleased…how can you go wrong with a massage?!?!

I used to go every 12-14 weeks and require lots of deep tissue work due to long hours sitting at a desk coupled with regular yoga/cardio. Now that I am going every 4-6 weeks, I have reduced tension in my neck/shoulders as well as fewer incidents of headaches; which for me is a Godsend! Image(found this awesome photo reading an interesting article about the correlation between happiness and your weight – click here to read if you’re interested!)


In other wellness related news, my second bulu box arrived!!bulu2                                    I am excited to try most of the products in the box but I am a little nervous about trying the instant coffee that is supposed to be slimming (primarily because I don’t drink caffeine) and the bottle simply labeled Energy. I mean, I guess its intended use is self explanatory but I am a little wary of products such as this, so I will do my research on all the ingredients and get back to you! Otherwise, as a sinus sufferer I am looking forward to giving Rootology’s breathe free a try and seeing how the Bodyglove Surge effects my next long ride (planned for this weekend weather pending!)….but more on all these wonderful samples after I’ve given them a try!

Also, just as a little side note, today is Phil and my first anniversary. I am not the type to acknowledge these sort of things until its forever, if you know what I mean, but March 19, 2013 was our first date. Of course, I had to get a work out in beforehand so I was running twenty minutes late…not to mention I went to the bathroom for like 10 minutes immediately after sitting down because I was overheated from rushing and couldn’t stop sweating. I kid you not, I took my top off in the bathroom stall of Pub & Kitchen and did my best to dry off with some paper towels. AnYwAy, after the rocky start things went really well and I knew this was something special. It felt amazing to realize this could be my last first date ever and every time I look at him, I still feel the same way I did one year ago today! I love you babe!