Bulu Review #5 & Foodie Friday

Happy Friday Folks!

We’ve made it to the weekend folks – time to celebrate! Instead of Foodie Friday this week, I am posting the Bulu Review I promised the other day – wedding venue hunting & budget crunching took priority…whoops!

But in honor of Foodie Friday, I wanted to quickly plug the MOST AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant, Stock. A must check out for the BEST Pho in Philadelphia! I went last night to taste what all the fuss was about at Tyler Akin’s (former Zahav  sous chef) intimate byob & can say without hesitation I have never had a better bowl of Pho nor plate of Vietnamese food!

Now, back to bulu…this past box was chock full of awesomeness that I can’t wait to purchase, so lets dive right in!


Box #5

  • Bulumu Granola Go Packs: SO DELICIOUS! I love grab and go stuff & when its all natural, you just can’t beat it!
  • Shapology Garcinia Cambogia: Love the brand, not a fan of the product – I just don’t want to take an appetite suppressant ( I feel like its tricking your body)
  • Pure Absorb Iron: There are a lot of new liquid iron supplements out there & I am still on the fence about them but this one tasted like metal..not a fan!
  •  KickButt Amped Energy Ballz: Totally not my cup of tea (considering the caffeine) but they tasted good & definitely did the trick (used them when I was packing)
  • Power Pak Protein Pudding: Love it! By far the most exciting product next to the granola – I threw some chia seeds in here and it was MIGHTY YUMMY!

This weekend will be my first post engagement wedding so I can’t wait to get inspired!

Enjoy your weekends friends!


Bulu Reviews

It’s almost the weekend and the weather in Philadelphia is finally turning around! Phil and I will be heading to visit my girlfriend from college tomorrow and celebrating St. Patty’s Day as only Rockaway New York knows how! For the record, we are ALL fully aware St. Patty’s Day isn’t until the 17th!

AnYwAy, I was so excited about all the samples from my bulu box, I’ve tried them all already! Out of the 5 samples provided I ordered 2, which I think is pretty good! As promised, I did a quick review of each of the products below. Since everyone’s body is different, I encourage you to try something yourself if you’re curious, but I feel strongly that we all learn from each other, so maybe one of these products will spark someone’s interest.

1) Power Crunch Protein:

  • While I was really excited about the vanilla cafe flavor, and it dissolved really well in water, I didn’t think I would be a big fan of the added energy enhancers and metabolic boosters. To be quite fair, I didn’t notice too much of a boost or buzz from the caffeine & taurine. I liked the fact I wasn’t starving by the time I made it home from coaching too… I imagine before a work out this would be awesome! I need to research all the ingredients…it looks natural but you can never be too sure! All and all, worth looking into for pre-work out nutrition .

2) Plant Fusion:

  • I am usually not a huge chocolate protein fan but I enjoyed this after my workout! It totally refueled my body and kept me feeling satisfied until dinner which was hours later. While the protein didn’t fully dissolve, the flavor was still delicious and I felt good about what I was putting in my body. I have a lot of protein powder at my place right now, but if I didn’t I would totally buy this full size product, loved it!

3) SoyJoy Bar:

  • This was probably the least satisfying sample in the box. The bar was the size of a steak fry and it was dry. Since there is little protein for the amount of sugar, its totally not worth it. I expected I would like it, as this was the one brand I was most familiar with in the whole box, but I guess it goes to show you never really know until you try!

4) Chosen Foods Meta Fiber Sticks:

  • This is one of the two products I purchased through the website. I was really happy with the favor, even though the powder didn’t fully dissolve into the water. I felt as though it gave me a boost during the end of my work out and really helped with my recovery. As an added bonus, I felt fuller sooner when dinnertime came so I didn’t over eat. The product is a little pricey for something I would use every day, but I’m going to give it a try and see if it’s worth the cost.

5) Shapeology Burn Blend:

  • I ended up ordering a bottle of this and will admit it was the product I was most skeptical about trying. After reading the label thoroughly researching a few ingredients I wasn’t familiar with, I felt comfortable enough to give it a try. The first two days I took two, doing as the bottle recommended and taking one in the morning and one in the afternoon. This was way too much for me, so I have been taking one in the morning with my vitamins and I’m really enjoying the results. I recently switched my multivitamin pack and the energy supplement I previously had each morning is not in the new pack. This is a nice replacement and I feel like it gives my work outs a boost.

On the whole my first bulu box experience was a success! Through the ordering process the customer service staff was helpful in addressing my questions, and whats really cool is if you review the products on the site, you earn points towards future orders. Just by reviewing the five samples I received I earned 50 points, enough for $5 my next order!

It doesn’t have to be bulu box, but I invite you to step outside your box and try something new!! What have you been doing or trying differently these days that you’re really enjoying? I’d love to hear about it!

Bulu Box and Life’s Blessings

I feel particularly blessed today!

The sun is finally shining, temps. are up to 46 (I NEVER thought that would bring me such a thrill), and I had a lovely lunch with the ever inspiring Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm. While we aren’t able to get together nearly as much as we’d like, it feels like no time has passed every time we do. I feel as though we could spend hours talking in circles about life, love and the journey we’re each on but alas, I can only take an hour for lunch!

In other exciting news, my first bulu box came today!!! buluI came across this site randomly during my typical health and wellness searches online and was intrigued by the premise. There are a ton of similar companies, but for the price I thought I would give it a try. Plus, I am familiar with a lot of their affiliated brands/spokes people, so I felt comfortable enough to give it a whirl. Each month I will receive a few different wellness samples and coupons for purchasing full size versions of the products I like.bulu1

As I use each of the products, I will post my feedback in the hopes to inspire all you other wellness fanatics out there to mix it up! I don’t know about anyone else but I find myself getting into a routine with the same products when there is a whole world of wellness to enjoy!

Has anyone else tried bulu box before or something similar? How did you find your experience?

Stay well & Happy Thursday!