Pure Beauty

…and just like that without a sound,the blooms came forth & life began…springflower
Don’t forget to notice the beauty of nature, happiness is all around us as long as we remember to look!
Pose-A-Day: As predicted Kurmasana (Tortoise) was quite a challenge but it all worked out…can’t wait until I can clasp my hands…so close! Today’s Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog) is an ‘oldy’ because we do it a million times a practice but a ‘goody’ because I love its versatility – work, rest, or stretch DFD does it all.

Daily Eats

  • Breakfast: Coconut Protein Bar
  • Snack: Greek Yogurt & Strawberries
  • Lunch: Tofu Dogs & Carrots
  • Snack: Raw Almonds
  • Dinner: Whole Wheat Pizza w/Mushrooms, Goat Cheese & Arugula.
  • Dessert: Lemon Sorbet

Fall love

ImageHappy Last Day of September!! I love that the trees are slowly starting to change colors and crisp mornings are followed by beautifully breezy afternoons! Treasuring the coming weeks before its too cold to frolic outside should be on the top of everyone’s priority list!

September can sometimes be a crazy time, at least for me! There’s lots of change going on and sometimes its easy to get caught up! No matter what you’ve got going on this fall try to take in the beauty of nature and always remember you are loved. There is an indescribable comfort that comes from a quiet walk outside when the colors of the leaves turn from green to shades of red and yellow.

Take a moment this week to feel the fall love!

Great Goddess Gifts of Goodness!


I am so blessed to have such amazing people in my life who inspire me and encourage me to pursue passions and practice self care! One such lovely lady is my IIN peer coach Elizabeth who also is a District Manager for Arbonne.

After chatting recently about all the amazing benefits this bountiful brand provides for both its staff and clientele, I had to give it a try. While I am all about goodness from the inside out, I like to indulge my inner Goddess and take care of my outward appearance as well!

Arbonne has been in business for over 30 years and is all natural…and when I say all natural, I mean European guidelines NOT FDA guidelines. Turns out the FDA allows hundreds of perfumes, dies and chemicals in their “all natural” products that EU does not!

I am terrifically tickled to try the products provided and can’t wait to see what I am confident will be fabulous results!

Floral Inspiration

flowersAs mentioned in the past, little acts of kindness are truly some of the most powerful things around!

While finding it hard to motivate yesterday morning, one of my co-workers popped her head around the corner with a bouquet of beautiful purple flowers. Simply seeing fresh flowers instantly brightens my mood but she then announces they’re for me! I am teaching her daughter to swim and she told her mommy she wanted to get me flowers –  SO THOUGHTFUL and ADORABLE!

It may sound silly but my week was instantly off to a better start! Working with ‘Mini’ and seeing her progress is reward enough but the flowers will keep a smile on my face all week!

Whether they’re a thank you to yourself or for someone else, pick up some floral inspiration and SMILE!

She’s got the look

She's got the look

I came across this on facebook not too long ago and became mildly obsessed…I would love to hear your thoughts!

If you don’t recognize them, the trio on the bottom are Victoria Secret Models – iconic symbols of sex and beauty, right? …yea, not so much!

I don’t look like either set of women but find the top tier much more attractive than the emaciated looking women below.

As a culture we obsess over this unhealthily thin idea of beauty that is next to impossible for most women to achieve instead of obsessing over self love and healthy habits!

Shifting focus towards embracing your body type, eating healthfully and being active will always lead to your most beautiful self!

Don’t subscribe to the hype…LOVE every inch of the beautiful body with which you’ve been blessed!