Eat More Cake!

Eat More Cake!

I don’t know too many people who would be opposed to consuming a little more cake if it weren’t for all those pesky calories and fat! While I normally try and post unique entries on my blog, I had to share this link from with everyone! As a sweet fiend I am constantly looking for ways to make delicious treats as healthy as possible and I am clearly not alone!

Check out these helpful hints for healthier baking with your own recipes or try one of these 20 tasty treats!

Eat more cake….enjoy!


Sweet Rewards!

Sweet Rewards!

Looks yummy, right?

Some people have the misconception that eating healthfully means you can’t have anything indulgent – especially not chocolate!

What’s worse is people turn to artificially sweetened, mass produced, preservative packed “diet” versions of their favorite desserts as a compromise…and they’re left largely unsatisfied.

As part of a healthy lifestyle, you should always reward yourself – with the real thing! There is no reason you shouldn’t have a little something sweet after a hard day’s work!

Try this chocolate angel food cake as a healthy and delicious indulgence at 130 calories a serving! Unlike most diet desserts it is made from 6 natural ingredients (flour, cocoa, sugar, egg whites, cream of tartar and salt) and tastes incredible, not artificial!