Transition Tuesday

OMG OMG, two weeks in a row you guys – look at me go!! Real talk, I am super excited to share these two ways to transition between sides in gomukhasana or ‘cows face pose.’ One is definitely easier than the other but they’re both playful & fun & worth peppering into your practice.


Here we go…the first transition is very easy…we begin in a wide leg forward fold and proceed to transfer using fingertips and the balls of your feet around to face the other side of the room.



After settling into the first side you obviously have to move onto the next and here’s how…1) come back onto your fingertips and use the pinky edges of your feet to roll onto the balls of your feet. 2) walk your fingertips back in the direction you came and keep spinning in a circle until the knees begin to bend 3) sit into your second side.





Try a headstand transition!!! Here is the easiest way to try it out…1) plant your heads shoulder width apart 2) draw your navel into your spin & hug your arm bones into your shoulder sockets 3) LIFT OFF – pick your feet up off the floor and stack your hips over your shoulders 4) unravel your legs & rewrap with the opposite leg on top 5) control your  core and carefully lower back down to switch sides.

Both transitions are fun but you’ll want to make sure you have a comfortable headstand practice before you try the second transition!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂





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