Wellness Wednesday

Talk about getting over the hump!

IMG_0802This week is definitely a bit bumpy but we’re half way through and I am confident that things are smoothing themselves out. With my new transition of working for the studio there is a bit of a learning curve and I am finding some of it harder to navigate than I anticipated…similar to how I felt on the mountain this weekend.IMG_0909While I mentioned Phil and I pushed past our comfort zone during our ski weekend, I didn’t include the fact ski patrol had to help me navigate a portion of one of our runs. We had been progressing to more and more challenging runs decided to take our friends up on a little guided tour through a run they felt we could handle. We went up for round 2 and our friends decided to take a detour to harder terrain and when we hit a fork in the trail and went the wrong way. We were doing okay until I ended up stopped. I was staring down at completely unknown terrain after only a few days on skiis and felt frozen. I was immediately aware of all the potential ways in which I could injure myself and ruin my career…not so motivating. A ski patrol dude happened to be riding by & stopped to see if I was okay. He noticed I clearly wasn’t and immediately began to start calming me down….He gave me the option of radioing in a sled to take me down but said he thought I could do it. So with a deep breath I turn my skis down mountain and made my way down. FullSizeRender (22)The point of the story and the theme of this Wellness Wednesday is listening to the voice inside and deciding where it’s coming from. There are so many fears, apprehensions, insecurities, etc… that can keep us from pushing past our comfort zone and while it’s important to listen to your body’s limits, its doubly important to decide when it’s fear. Taking a few deep breaths, reminding yourself of the basic facts, and evaluating what’s really going on can be hard but incredibly rewarding. In the end I was able to realize I have much more ability than I was giving myself credit for and I could make it down runs like that again.

Whether its tackling new trails on the mountain or taking on new responsibilities for your dream job, it’s all about pushing past your fears and finding your edge.


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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