Motivation Monday #8

Happy Monday Friends!IMG_0907Well, we survived the birthday weekend shenanigans in Tahoe and Phil & I really challenged ourselves on the slopes. I’m feeling motivated after the rush of pushing past my comfort zone on the mountain and hoping to carry that momentum into this week!IMG_0913 Neither Phil nor I are venturing near a scale until the beginning on March but we know we’re on the right track because we’re both feel good – indulged this weekend but didn’t go crazy, bumped up the intensity of our cardio a bit, and are trying to cut back on booze during the week. It’s a double boost of motivation because we’re officially in theIMG_4867.JPG Lenten season & now more than ever we are supposed to work on being the best version of ourselves. We were both considering ‘giving up’ something for Lent but since we’re already on this healthy living grind we’re kicking it into high gear instead…we are half way through our ‘2016 healthiest year ever’ kick start and I
can’t wait to keep going. I’m adding some new classes to my schedule at the end of the month, so check out my yoga page if you’re interested. I feel so lucky that I get to share my passion as my profession and hope my offering continues to improve. Come March I will be ‘offically, officially’ be at my current work life goal and it feels awesome! Until then, I am focusing a lot on my personal practice to find some inspiration & the classes already on my plate (which believe me is a lot on already)!

Week 8

“Just because at first it might seem risky, impossible, or pointless doesn’t mean its not worth trying. Follow your heart & don’t give up.”


  • 75 min yoga 6x wk (Me)
  • 55 min yoga 2x wk (Phil)
  • 55 min cycling or jogging 3x wk (Me)
  • 55 min lighting & cardio 3x wk (Phil)

Dietary Routine


  • protein shake
  • sprouted bagel w/banana & pb
  • oatmeal w/cranberries & almondsIMG_4780


  • tofu stir fry w/veggies & brown rice
  • grilled chicken w/mixed green salad


  • homemade protein bars
  • popcorn
  • dark chocolate w/pistachios


  • fish tacos
  • whole wheat pizza w/pears, fennel, arugula & balsamic
  • tofu nuggets w/salad & sweet potato chips


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂



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