Wellness Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!

FullSizeRender (20) We’re half way through the week and I hit a bit of a road block today. Well, at first I thought it was but then I realized it was just another opportunity to practice…practice putting my ego in check. I had planned to post something else today but after this morning’s experience, I had to make this week’s Wellness Wednesday about putting your ego in check. ww6-1Soooo, I subbed a class for one of our veteran teachers who happens to be leaving at the end of the week. She has quite a loyal following and we’re all very happy for her but sad to see her go…ANYWAY: one of our students came into class this morning, looked at me, and said “you’re teaching?!?!” sighing as I confirmed what seemed to be her greatest disappointment to date. Oh course I immediately made it about myself, texting Phil and my family about how shitty it felt to have a student say that to you right before you have to teach a class. Realizing I obviously needed to get out of that mindset I took a deep breath and told myself, it’s not about you, and really, it wasn’t. This student was looking forward to saying goodbye to her teacher today and that was why she was disappointed NOT because I was teaching…we in fact had an awesome class (her words)!

My point is everyone does this!! We all have these moments where we let our ego and insecurity get the better of us AND its toxic! So love yourself, let things that aren’t about you stop affecting your ability to shine bright, YOU ARE AWESOME!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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