Plated Perfection

We’re just 48 hours from our flight back east and both our stomachs’ are in knots! I still can’t believe the wedding is almost here…it doesn’t feel real! Knowing these last days leading up to our departure would be chaotic, I decided to give one of those meal delivery services a try. My choice was based solely on the fact I’d been seeing their banner ads pop up…I picked Plated…it also didn’t hurt the special was 3 dinners for 2 at just $48 with shipping.photoThe process was simple: signed up, picked the meals (fish, meat and veggie options), and the box showed up on my doorstep. I mildly obsessed over the tracking/delivery & worrying about the perishable items staying fresh BUT that was completely unnecessary because everything was safely stored and labeled in an insulated refrigeration bag, complete with ice packs. Realistically, that box could’ve sat there until I got home from a normal work day and things would have been perfectly fresh!photoEach meal was very easy to make, came with clear instructions, and was absolutely delicious! Aside from the fact this made dinner a snap, Plated introduced Phil and I to new food! photo (1)Granted, I’ve made a version of the braised pollock we received but I had never made dukkah spiced flatbread with creamy feta sauce, nor had I attempted a thai chili and tofu soup before….both of which I will be making again soon! Plated is also very low commitment which is great! You pay for the weeks you want, and you can skip/cancel anytime…we just got the first box as mentioned, and wont be getting another until the week we get back from our honeymoon – talk about convenient! I am certainly going to give other meal delivery services a try to see how they compare but Plated has set the bar high and is worth a try for anyone considering this sort of service!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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