Myofascial Monday

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends as much as I did! We had the nicest day in Napa Saturday and spent Sunday teaching yoga, watching football, and cooking for our last few days in San Francisco. I can not believe we’re leaving on Friday…its SOOO soon! wineWith all the excitement of the wedding I almost forgot about my plan to share more myofascial release with you guys…BUT as I was working out some tension in my neck and shoulders, I must have released something that triggered my memory, haha!trapOne of the places so many of us hold tension is in the trapezius or upper back/neck/shoulders area. Since the traps cover such a vast amount of your upper neck/back/shoulders, it often feels like the tension is all over. My teacher, Tiffany Cruikshank, literally wrote the book on myofascial release, so I thought it only fitting a share a shot from one of her workshops…she is showing placement on the front of the shoulder to release in the pectoral muscles (which is also really nice to throw in with your trap work).

Click the image to read the Yoga Journal article from her conference workshop
Click the image to read the Yoga Journal article from her conference workshop

To get into the traps it’s good to lay down or use a wall. The upper traps are an easy & accessible place to begin and below are two images to show placement more clearly. I almost always prefer to lay down since it allows for better relaxation of the tissues BUT there are always times I need to stand and use the wall because I can’t get a specific spot I want to release.shoulderhqdefault


Start here and move laterally to work along the upper traps…once you work your way close to the spine, move down (reference first image of the upper back) to release the middle traps. Remember, its always important to avoid bone, swollen tissues, or anything that creates shooting pain/numbness. While it may not seem like much, taking 15 minutes to work in your trapezius will make a world of difference during your work day or your next work out…feel free to share your MFR tips or questions in the comments below!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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