Never a dull moment

Well it’s back to reality after a weekend back home in Philadelphia. It was such a wonderful but crazy weekend, I don’t even know where to start. Sadly we didn’t really sleep on the flight but regardless of rest we hit the ground running with a meeting at our venue, Union Trust. Phil, my mother, and I sat down with our planner and finalized all the details for the menu and I felt like a complete zombie…I just hope we like what we picked on the day of the wedding, hahah! Thankfully we were able to squeeze in a little nap before the rehearsal dinner which was awesome but SOOOO long! photo 1(1)Saturday is when the real fun began! Phil left at like 6am to go golfing (basically in the rain) and I got a call from my mom that basically said there was a mishap with my rent the runway dress and I don’t have a dress for the wedding this afternoon……PANIC!!!!! God bless my mother – she was helpful, patient, and resourceful – she pulled an old prom dress out of the closet and told me to see if it fit. photo 2(2)I would NEVER had thought to try but sure enough, it fit! I got a ton of compliments and while the run around was stressful, it all worked out in the end. The wedding was beautiful and I am so excited to be officially expanding my family when Phil and I tie the knot in a few short months!

’til next time, keep smiling!!!


Taking life in steps

Happy Tuesday Friends! Last week was full of surprises!!! I got a last minute, mid-week day off and my girlfriend Brianna from  Yoga Medicine teacher training came to visit from Arizona! It was so much fun to have a sleep over (Phil slept on the floor in the corner since we still don’t have any furniture beyond our bed and two bar stools) and spend time with someone who just ‘gets it.’ She and I went to an AM yoga class and I had my first positive yoga experience in San Francisco. I will admit, I enjoyed some of the classes I took at the studio around the corner from Pasta Gina but this class at Union Yoga was amazing…AND they told me to email about being added to their sub-list…YAYAYA!!!!!!!! As an added bonus, Sophia (also a yoga medicine girlfriend..who happens to be doing the 500hr Spine module with me in August) came up from Menlo Park and the three of us had a GIRLS DAY!!!!!! Totally necessary not only because I have nearly no friends here in SF but also, I needed a perspective shift…there is nothing like some wonderful yoga wisdom to reset my week is all about gearing up for this weekend…Phil’s brother’s Wedding! I am so excited to have a brother and sister-in-law soon and I love that their wedding gives us another excuse to head back home! While I am not looking forward to the swampy heat of summer in the city of Philadelphia, I can’t wait to see everyone!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Taking time to enjoy!

Phil left for a business trip this morning, so last night we had a little dinner/early evening on the roof as a special goodbye. The photo doesn’t do the view justice but I wanted to share it anyway! Phil and I have been on the roof 3 times since we moved here a few weeks ago, and each time I am reminded of San Francisco’s beauty! The view is truly breathtaking and it takes me to my happy place – no matter the stress of the day, it all melts away when we take this all in! photo-9

While I am missing my handsome finance, I am trying to take time to enjoy being apart. Last night I relaxed alone, and tonight a friend from my Yoga Medicine 200hr Teacher Training is coming to visit. She recently moved from Colorado to Berkley and I am so excited to take the time to catch up!

I still have a ways to go but when I take the time to enjoy San Francisco, it really does feel like home!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday Friends! We’re one day closer to the weekend and I am excited for a few days to decompress. As soon as I got back from Philadelphia it was right to Pasta Gina for work – 6 days, 10hrs a day, I am ready for a break…but that is not what today’s post is about. Today’s post is about this…photo-8

…as I was flying home last weekend and feeling rather alone I opened my tiny window shade and noticed the sun beginning to rise in the distance. I was immediately taken back to the miraculous sunshine I shared with my Yoga Medicine family in Hawaii and felt surrounded by love. I don’t know if it was the reminder of how mother nature’s infinite beauty can surprise you, the nostalgia of my shared sunshine, or the closeness I felt to my grandmother in that moment but I began to weep. I wasn’t necessarily crying out of sadness but rather as a result of being completely overcome with emotion.

To me, there is something truly amazing about that humanness…those moments of connection…they remind me of why life is precious and make me feel grateful. Today and everyday throughout the month June I invite you to take notice of the little things around you, to allow mother nature to overwhelm you, and to connect on a deeper level with what makes your life truly precious.

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Bitter Sweet

I got to take a special trip home last week. I was so excited to spend 48hrs with my family and enjoy some more special time with this little guy…FullSizeRendersadly the trip wasn’t for a happy occasion. My grandmother fell ill around the time of my bridal shower and she didn’t have the will or strength to fight through. Selfishly I’m sad I couldn’t say goodbye like the rest of my family and I’m devastated she won’t see me walk down the aisle at my wedding or give Phil and I our family Bible as a wedding present, but deep down I know she is in a better place. I couldn’t be happier she’s at peace but am still sadden by the thought of not having her around.

My grandmother was a truly incredible woman – I can’t say she and I saw eye to eye on everything but I admired her. I always thought she was incredibly graceful…I imagine thats just how she wanted to be viewed, not to say she wasn’t in fact graceful, just that she always had things on her terms. THAT is what I admired most about my grandmother, her poise and her ability to get her way – people say I always have to get my way but no one has ever says I get that from her…I think I

I worry now whose going to pray for my terribly troubled soul – Grandmom always prayed for me. I know my prayers sure aren’t enough so anyone out there want to add me to their prayer list..! My grandmother was like a super Catholic, I’m pretty sure she should have had a cape & flown around saying prayers for people. Her prayer list was a mile long and every day she would pray for EACH and EVERY person on that list, and I sure a few folks that weren’t – she cared about everyone.

I’m thrilled she’ll be watching Phil and I during this exciting adventure & helping my get my way! 😉

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂