Thursday Thoughts

Making a major change in life is never easy. While it can be full of excitement and fun, there are times when being away from the familiar really smacks ya in the face. When Phil and I moved to San Francisco it was definitely exciting but I missed home and family a we slowly settle in, those feelings aren’t as frequent, but when they come they’re more intense – more doubt, more fear, and a little more pain. When I think of all the things I am missing back home its often hard to remember the things that are so great about being on this adventure….and there really are a lot of great things! Chief among them my handsome husband to be.

photo-6 I am so lucky to be here with someone who cares enough to buy my flowers because he knows how happy they make me, who meets me when I work late because he doesn’t want me riding my bike alone at night, and showers me with love…it’s also pretty nice to have such wonderful weather, be so close to so many amazing destinations, and live in a city full of excitement 😉 but I must say the best thing about San Francisco is Phil!

photo-7Feelings of homesickness are going to come up, we’ve only been here 12 weeks, but as long as I remember I have everything I need right here with me, everything will be fine!




’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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