Meditate and Motivate

Welcome to another wonderful week!


As everyone is well aware I am working towards settling into life here in San Francisco and finding a job, preferably one I enjoy, in our new home. Being what my mother would refer to as ‘a kept woman’ has been fun and all but its been a solid month since I got here and it’s time to get shit done. And THAT my friends is my mantra of the week, haha 😉 just kidding, but seriously, I need to kick it into gear. Thankfully I get to see our new apartment today & with any luck, it’ll be where we stay until June. This week is all about looking for work and making sure everything is set for Phil and I in terms of our housing situation.

photo 3-2I always struggle when it comes to ‘getting shit done’ for myself because I’m afraid. I’m afraid that if I put myself out there I open myself up to potential failures, and to fail would be unthinkable, right?!? If I allow my fear of failure to translate into a lack of action I’ll just be perpetuating bad habits; so in an effort to motivate myself, this week’s mantra is ‘I’ve got this!’ It’s true, and I know it, but sometimes it’s difficult to remember – I have everything I need to succeed already and there is nothing standing in the way but me – I’ve got this!


’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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