Thursday Thoughts

Happy Thursday Friends! With Spring around the corner and New Year’s resolutions slowly becoming distance memories, I’m finding it important to reflect on the concept of making room. For me, especially when I don’t want to deal with something, I fill my day with anything else I can think of just so I don’t have to tackle the one thing I’m dreading…and you can say the same when it comes to food or fitness too. If I eat all these chips, I’ll be too full to eat my salad later OR I can watch this Vanderpump Rules marathon and not go to that yoga class. These are pretty silly examples but you get the idea. In order to incorporate the things we want, in order to experience growth, change, success, etc… we need to make room for

I would never have been able to hold Pincha Mayurasana (forearm stand) 2 months ago. I am hyper mobile through my scapula so any balancing on my forearms was unpleasant and something I avoided in practice all together. But I know in order to be a great teacher I need to be able to teach from my experience, so made room in my practice to do the work and now, I can…that feels really good!

Today, I invite you to think about what you want. See if there is something that isn’t serving you or that isn’t good for you and maybe put it aside to make room for this new, exciting change.

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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