10 Days to go

Happy Tuesday Friends!! Even typing that title makes my stomach a little knotty…I can’t believe we’re about to move our whole lives across the country!

Phil and I kicked it into packing high gear last night! The realization that this is ‘crunch week’ to get it all packed really sunk in Sunday so we’re doing some each day to get it all done. Last night we finished packing most of the glassware & plates (keeping the few mismatched pieces we’re donating until we leave in the cabinet). We would have continued with kitchen stuff but we ran out of bubble wrap so we shifted geared to the closets. I have been charged with filling another hanging box and a box of clothing I am willing to part with for more than a month (wish me luck!).photo (2)

While I don’t think anyone likes packing, we’re loving the opportunity to purge. We’ve sold a few of our larger items & donated a ton of clothing and extra furniture. Its a good feeling to get rid of the clutter, the extras, the unnecessaries to start fresh! Phil and I can’t wait!photo (3)

I am teaching at Nourishing Storm again tonight & couldn’t be more excited! I am a little nervous since Kristin wont be there this time but I remain confident everything will be great! I finished my Yoga Medicine 200hr YTT written test this weekend and am finishing the book report and observations report this week. All of our written materials, observations and teaching recordings are due this Saturday so I have no other option but to finish!

I am so excited to be officially be a 200hr Yoga Medicine Teacher – San Francisco, look out!!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


Two Weeks To Go

Happy Thursday Friends! With just two weeks until we move I don’t know how we’re going to fit everything in: between spending time with family and friends, coordinating transport details & finishing up with yoga training it doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the day!multitasking

Trying to keep so many balls in the air could drive a person batty so I am just taking it step by step. This morning I managed to teach a 6:30a class at the Nourishing Storm studio & I am on my way to the office for one of my last few meetings as a WorkZone employee. It feels odd coming to the office when I am leaving in two weeks but it’s good to get out of the house PLUS I plan to see my sister and nephew today so this way I’m half way there.

I am doing my best to stay focused on the positive aspects of our transition and not the fact I’m leaving my family, friends, job & home. Its weird embarking on this new adventure without the safety and security I have here but I am thrilled about the possibilities of whats to come & know I have the best support system in Phil – together we can tackle anything! TelegraphHill Phil and I will be living in telegraph hill for our first few months and are excited to explore a new city – I have already mapped the distance to the nearest Trader Joe’s & figured out the best route to Pioneer Park from our front door!

Tonight is dinner with my future brother and sister-in-law at Zahav and I am sooo exciting! My good friend Frank Goggin is the sous chef there and I can’t wait to see what he has in store…I don’t think he’s ever cooked a bad meal & under the tutelage of the great Michael Solomnov, his food has been elevated to new heights! Lets just hope Phil and I have time to squeeze in a little pre-dinner cardio so we can keep on track…we’ve been working out together 3x a week and it feels great!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

He’s Here!

As I predicted, my sister had a beautiful baby boy yesterday and he couldn’t be more perfect….photo (1)

Brayden Mayer Mangat is a healthy 7lb 11oz and according to the hospital 21 1/4 inches long but I swear that kid is longer! His hands and feet are so big, his skin is so soft and everything about him is just so delicate…such a precious gift.

With the excitement of my new nephew I have still tried to stay on track with my Yoga Medicine 200hr YTT & did an amazing observation with the inspiring Kristin Ritter of Nourishing Storm. I absolutely love her new studio and the community she is building in Hatboro…sad I have to leave. Even though its about an hour commute to get there from the city, its worth it!!

Phil and I continue to make progress with the San Francisco move and with only 22 days until we depart I think I can confidently say all the major things are covered: we’re donating and selling our furniture and trying to get packed at this stage…hopefully things will all work out!!

I guess the only bitty bummer is my company is not going to keep me on during my transition. I’ve spent the last 6 months building a home at WorkZone and its with a heavy heart I accept what both my bosses believe this is the best option for me – San Francisco has become an even bigger adventure now that I will be starting to look for a new career on top of tackling a new city.

Everything happens for a reason and I am remaining confident the best is yet to come!

’til next time, keep smiling! 🙂

Its all happening

HAPPY 2015 Friends!

I woke up 1/1/15 & felt terrible – the flu 😦 of course! I made sure I did everything possible to rest and heal so by Monday I was good as new. Even with being sick I still managed to keep up with everything going on – a workout and a few yoga sessions, the rest of my Sanskrit lectures and started the Philosophy portion.

I also managed to suck it up enough to be there to support my yogi bestie at her teaching debut. She and I both went to IIN for our Holistic Health certification and are now on the verge of completing our 200hr YTT with Yoga Medicine. It was a birthday party/yoga night and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect – she did an incredible job…now I just have to get her to come to one of my classes!

Phil and I also are moving full steam ahead with the move – we signed a contract for temporary housing in SF, we’ve booked our plane tickets for 1/30, settled things with our current landlord & are finalizing the contract with the moving company…it really is all happening!

This week is full of teaching, taking classes, finishing my book/report, completing my Philosophy lecture and reviewing anatomy..this month will be quite full but I couldn’t be more excited about the road ahead.

Oh and my sister is going into labor tonight…my first niece or nephew is going to be here any moment!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂