Keep it flowing

Happy Monday Friends!

So last week was a blogging bust for this girl but I’m gonna keep it flowing this week! I have been progressing through my teacher training, perhaps a little slower than I’d like, but making strides none the less!

A lot of my home practice and the sequencing I’ve been working on is focused on the basics and it feels quite grounding. hardposeI was beginning to get concerned I would lose my ‘harder poses’ with all this focus on smaller, more thoughtful movements but it seems the opposite is  true – the more I strengthen my base, the easier it is to fly. So much of what I see on social media with regard to yoga makes the practice seem unapproachable to your ‘average joe’ which as far as I am concerns defeats the overarching purpose of yoga – connection.

Over the next few weeks, that is my focus – connection. On and off the mat I plan to stay focused on the connections, rather than the individual pieces. I am looking forward to bringing that theme to my classes and seeing how I can make it a part of my teaching…I’ve only taught one class so far but I’m planning a Thanksgiving yoga class for Phil’s family and I’m very excited!!

The Holiday should be fun! We’re spending Thanksgiving with Phil’s family and I’m so excited they’re all sorts of embracing me ‘uniqueness’ this year – morning yoga, tofurkey and all!

‘Til next time, keep smiling!


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