Hump Day Delivery!

Happy Hump Day Friends! Are you all shocked I actually posted?!?! ME TOO!

I would really love if someone could provide some insight because I can’t figure out why I spend more time ‘getting back into it’ than actually ‘in it’ – what gives?!?! I have to brainstorm ways to keep me on track with my blogging because once every few weeks isn’t cutting it!

I am trying to be patient with myself, considering my lack of blogging produced an increase in my journaling efforts, but I would prefer to be doing both. Writing has always been very cathartic for me and I inevitably feel better about anything having spilled my emotions onto a page.


I’ve been doing an Energy of Attraction meditation series over the last 10 days and I have to say, its helping keep me calm, happy and focusing on the important stuff throughout the day. I have been struggling with my meditation practice for awhile but Deepak makes it so easy.

Physical practice and YTT have been going well – working through some basic sequencing, memorizing the origin & insertion of various muscles throughout the body, and beginning to practice teach is all a bit overwhelming but I’ve committed to keeping calm – this is something I WANT.

I’m going to do my best to get a Foodie Friday post up this week and back into the swing of things in weeks to come – maybe be easy on myself and do 3 times a week – see shall see.

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hump Day Delivery!

    1. Very nice, congrats!

      I am studying with Tiffany Cruikshank & Yoga Medicine. The focus is more vinyasa but we explore a little bit of everything – which is great for me because I am into all different styles.

      What about you?

      1. I’ve seen her on yogaglo. That’s impressive!
        I started learning Ashtanga since it’s the “classical ballet” of yoga. It’s easy to turn those moves into vinyasa style. The main focus is vinyasa and a slower style that is similar to vinyasa called slowburn. I’ve only heard it being called that in my studio but I bet it has different names elsewhere. Meditation is really important so we spend a lot of time on that. Ayurveda, doshas, koshas, chakras and all that is wonderful but so much to learn in a 200hr course! It’s chopped up and introduced but I would love to learn more! 🙂 Restorative yin and prenatal yoga are other styles I want to learn more about. I might do some workshops.
        Good luck on your journey! It’s so great to see how yoga is transforming our culture!

      2. She is quite impressive, haha, but thank you. Thats so cool! The reason I applied to her program is because we get a bit of everything stylistically and its extremely anatomy driven which is big for me. I am confident I will be doing weekend workshops every few months to work up to 500hr once I finish this in February because like you said, there is just so much to learn! There is a revolution happening and I am thrilled!

        Best of luck to you as well!!

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