Getting over the hump

Happy Hump Day Friends! The work week has gotten off to a busy start but thankfully, this weekend was anything but! imagePhil and I were able to really relax, wander the city, watch the Eagles win their third game of the season (GO BIRDS!!), and enjoy the last official weekend before fall! We checked out the fall festival along South St – taking time to listen to the different bands/musicians playing on the street & picked up some tasty treats from our favorite guilt free sweets spot.

Sweet Freedom Bakery Treats
Sweet Freedom Bakery Treats

image_3In honor of the leisurely weekend I whipped up a batch of homemade whole wheat pasta with my healthy adaptation of alfredo sauce (greek yogurt instead of butter or cream). Its been awhile since I’ve made some homemade pasta, so I was a little nervous about how the batch was going to turn out but it was delicious! Similarly, I haven’t made the healthy alfredo since my initial experiment but it was just as yummy as I remember, in fact, it all was a perfect compliment to the Sweet Freedom goodies we purchased for dessert…talk about deceivingly healthy indulgences!image_5

I got a fair amount of practice in this weekend but with only 18 days left until I leave for Tulum, I’ve really gotta hit the mat. I mean, I know yoga isn’t a competition but I certainly would prefer not to be the weakest in my Yoga Medicine teacher training, haha!

Yoga on our Skagway Alaska Hike!
Yoga on our Skagway Alaska Hike!

We’re half way to the weekend friends and I for one, CAN NOT wait!

‘Til next time, keep smiling! 🙂


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