I’m back…

Hello Friends! Did you miss me?!?! I definitely missed you guys but I needed a few weeks to get some things together…I am so pumped to share it all with you guys! 

First, Phil and I have set a date for our wedding, picked our venue and booked our band! We’ll be tying the knot 10-10-15 in Philadelphia. While we’ll be having the ceremony at my family church, the reception will be at the newly opened Union Trust. This old bank was converted into a restaurant in early 2009 ( I actually was a part of it all back in my restaurant days) but sadly closed shortly there after. Since the space was just too unique to sit unoccupied, one of Philadelphia’s best, Finley Catering, scooped up the spot and will host their first wedding this fall! 

On a more selfish note, I am really trying to focus on daily yoga practice with YogaGlo as I prepare for my Yoga Medicine training starting October 12. I am so excited but incredibly nervous…what if I’m not ready? What if I am the worst in my class? What if I hate it? Terrible right?!?!?!?! goaldiggerLearning to let go of my insecurities and just live is a big part of what I hope to gain through my meditative practice. Its only when we let go that we can really fly…I heard someone say that once and it totally resonated with me. Maybe it is a little lofty but holding onto the what if’s is the only way to ensure I don’t succeed…so here’s to trying to let go!!!

I am excited to share my final bulu review with all of you this week as well as start my newest box subscription, conscious box, this month! I also have a very exciting pickling/preserving post planned for Foodie Friday so stay tuned!

‘Til next time, keep smiling friends! 


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