Bulu Review #5 & Foodie Friday

Happy Friday Folks!

We’ve made it to the weekend folks – time to celebrate! Instead of Foodie Friday this week, I am posting the Bulu Review I promised the other day – wedding venue hunting & budget crunching took priority…whoops!

But in honor of Foodie Friday, I wanted to quickly plug the MOST AMAZING Vietnamese restaurant, Stock. A must check out for the BEST Pho in Philadelphia! I went last night to taste what all the fuss was about at Tyler Akin’s (former Zahav  sous chef) intimate byob & can say without hesitation I have never had a better bowl of Pho nor plate of Vietnamese food!

Now, back to bulu…this past box was chock full of awesomeness that I can’t wait to purchase, so lets dive right in!


Box #5

  • Bulumu Granola Go Packs: SO DELICIOUS! I love grab and go stuff & when its all natural, you just can’t beat it!
  • Shapology Garcinia Cambogia: Love the brand, not a fan of the product – I just don’t want to take an appetite suppressant ( I feel like its tricking your body)
  • Pure Absorb Iron: There are a lot of new liquid iron supplements out there & I am still on the fence about them but this one tasted like metal..not a fan!
  •  KickButt Amped Energy Ballz: Totally not my cup of tea (considering the caffeine) but they tasted good & definitely did the trick (used them when I was packing)
  • Power Pak Protein Pudding: Love it! By far the most exciting product next to the granola – I threw some chia seeds in here and it was MIGHTY YUMMY!

This weekend will be my first post engagement wedding so I can’t wait to get inspired!

Enjoy your weekends friends!


Guess what…

Hey Friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!supyogA Phil and I had a lot of fun doing Paddle Board Yoga, BBQing with friends and family, and making plans for our wedding…Oh yea, I’M ENGAGED! I’ve been so MIA lately because Phil and I got engaged June 28th & its just been a whirlwind! On top of our exciting news, my sister is pregnant so I am going to be an AUNT! Who is more blessed than me, right?!?!?! I can’t believe I am going to be a wife and an aunt…Holy Moly!

The next year is going to be a busy one with planning a wedding, doing my yoga teacher training, ringcontinuing to build my health coaching expertise, working full time, helping my sister & taking care of our new home since Phil and I will be moving into our very own place next month!I promise I will do my best not to talk about weddings all the time but I know I will be adding little tidbits along the way to chronicle my wedding planning process! More exciting is going to be my wedding work out/diet routine. Phil and I have agreed once we move into our place Aug. 1 we go into ‘sweating for the wedding’ mode & getting back to our healthiest selves!

barnWe’ve both been maintaining pretty healthy diet and exercise routines but definitely find excuses to slack on the cardio and indulge in the vino, haha, but that’s life, right?!?! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my most recent bulubox review & plans for the coming weeks in terms of yoga routine, so until next time…SMILE!